Annual General Meeting 2006 of the
European Go Federation

Meeting will take place during the evening of 4th August 2006 in Frascati, Italy


  1. Opening of the meeting, verifying presence and voting rights
  2. Accepting the agenda
  3. Acceptance of previous year's AGM minutes
  4. Admission of new members: None
  5. Reports of the President, Secretary, Treasurer
  6. Report of the Auditors
  7. Report from IGF Directors
  8. Reports of chairmen of existing Commissions:
  9. Election of Executive officers and auditors
    a. The present committee stands for re-election, apart from the Secretary
    • President: Tony Atkins (DE, SE, RU)
    • Vice-Presidents: Martin Stiassny (DE, SE), Oleg Gavrilov (DE, SE, RU)
    • Secretary: John Gibson (DE, SE)
    • Treasurer: Hans Kostka (DE, SE)
    • Officers: Ales Cieply (DE, SE), Matti Siivola (SE, FI, RU)
    b. Auditors:
    • Arnaud Knippel, Peter Zandveld
  10. Presentation for Comment of Budgets 2006-2007 and 2007-2008
  11. Appointment of Commissions
  12. European Go Congresses
    • a. Comments on 2006 Italy
    • b. Progress report on 2007 Villach, Austria
    • c. Progress report on 2008 Sweden
    • d. Progress report on 2009 Groningen, Netherlands
    • e. Nominations for 2010: Finland
    • f. Future proposals: 2012 Russia (Germany already indicated interest)
  13. European Tournament Calendar - Selection of hosts
    • a. Youth Championship 2008
    • b. Student Championship 2007, 2008
    • c. Pair Go 2008
    • d. Ing Memorial 2008: Russia
    • e. Women's Championship 2008
    • f. Team Championship 2007, 2008
  14. Rules Proposals
    • a. European Masters - to authorise Executive to change frequency, date and location
    • b. European Cup - to change prize fund calculation to round down to nearest cutoff, excess to roll forward
    • c. European Go Tour - to authorise Executive to change structure of Tour for next rotation if loss of one sponsor
    • d. European Students - to restrict age to under 29 to avoid inelligibility at World Students
    • e. European Tournament Rules - consideration of new rules proposed by Rules Commission
    • f. European Youth - Proposal from Netherlands to cut support to accompanying adults
    • g. European Go Championship - Proposal from Netherlands for part knock-out system for 2009
  15. Selection of Team Captains for World Pair Go and World Amateur Go Championships
  16. Other Items Requested by Members
    • a. Russia wishes to consider suggestion that Executive should be elected for a term of 2 years
  17. Any other business