EGF Ing Grant Report 2006-2007


Through the grant of $80000 received from the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation in the year ending April 2007, work continued to promote Goe amongst children and to promote the Ing rules, used in several championships. For continued support of the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation, many Goe players, both weak and strong, are extremely grateful.

Ing Goe Equipment

Ing Timers and Goe Sets were despatched to the European Go Congress in Frascati in Italy where they were used to play the championship by Ing Goe Rules (as normal). Territories receiving equipment were: Isle of Man, Canary Islands, Switzerland and Lithuania.

European Youth Goe Championships 2007

All players at EYGC 2007

This took place in Zandvoort in the Netherlands. 98 under-18s and 49 under-12s took part, including a large party from the Ukraine. Much fun was had by the children as the weather was warm and sunny so they could enjoy the seaside holiday camp setting. Winner under-18, with a perfect 6, was Russia's Artem Dugin (5 dan). Second was Dusan Mitic (4 dan) from Serbia, on tie-break from Ondrej Fidrmuc (4 dan Czechia) and Oleg Nikishin (1 dan Russia). Winner under-12 was Theodor Toma (2 kyu) from Romania with 6 wins; second was Chun Yin Woo (1 kyu), from Hong Kong and representing the UK, with 5 wins.

Players at EYGC 2007    Under-12 winners at EYGC 2007

Young players at EYGC 2007

Under-18 winners at EYGC 2007

European Women's Goe Championships 2006

Prize giving at EWGC 2006

The European Women's Goe Championship took place in Port Erin during the Isle of Man Go Week. Unfortunately some of the countries such as Russia and France had to withdraw because of transport and other difficulties, so only 8 players (half from the UK) took part over three rounds. Winner was Klara Zaloudkova (1 dan) from Czechia. Second was Natasha Regan (1 kyu) and third Sue Paterson (2 kyu) both UK. Prizes were awarded by a representative of the Isle of Man government.

European Student Goe Championships 2006

The second European Student Go Championships was held in Brno, Czechia, following their Tour event. 28 students from 13 countries took part, split into two groups. Unbeaten winner was Pal Balogh (6 dan Hungary) and second was Merlijn Kuin (6 dan Netherlands) who only lost to the winner. Top female was again Manuela Lindemeyer (3 dan Germany). The top two men and top woman qualified for the world student games in Japan in February 2007. Luka Stojanovic (2 dan Serbia) won the bottom group.

World Youth Goe Championships 2006

The 23rd World Youth Goe Championships were organised in Shenzhen in China on behalf of the Ing Foundation. None of Europeans won more than two games, but found the experience of taking part to be really wonderful. EGF Ing money supported visas, local transport and additional team leaders.

Ing Grants 2006-2007

Support was given for children at the 2006 Polish Summer Camp; this will be repeated in 2007. Support was also given for the team of children from Luxembourg who visited the Hans Pietsch Memorial in Germany.

Ing Chang-Ki Memorial Cup 2007

Ready for first games Ing Memorial

24 of Europe's top players travelled to the European Go Centre in Amstelveen for the Ing Chang-Ki Memorial. The last two rounds were held on a floating Chinese restaurant by Amsterdam Central Station. First for a third year was Fan Hui (from China but living in France). He again had six clean wins. Second was Catalin Taranu (Romania) with five out of six. The group on four was Dinerstein, Silt, Pop, Guo, Surin, Shikshin and Kulkov. Photos and game records are available via the EGCC website.

Pig, Hora and Mero at Ing Memorial

Polish Summer Go Camp 7th - 23rd July 2006

The Summer Go Camp 2006 was the biggest Go event in Poland. During two weeks 151 people visited us: (18 children up to 16 years old, 27 children 16-18 years old, 64 students 18-26 years old, 42 adults over 26 years old). We invited two guests from other countries: Cho Seok-bin 7d from Korea, and Vit Brunner 4d from Czech Republic, to help with the teaching.

Lesson with Cho

As well as riding, parties, water activities and so on, tournaments took place:

  • J. Sacharewicz memorial (6 rounds, class A, 86 participants)
  • Academic Championship of Poland (6 rounds, 25 participants)
  • Polish Pair Go Championship (5 rounds, 24 pairs)
  • rapid tournament (4 rounds, class C, 73 participants)
  • class B tournament (6 rounds, 52 participants)
  • 13x13, 9x9, rengo, lighting, team tournaments
  • volleyball (11 teams per 3 people)
  • mini golf for children, and adults
  • table tennis (24 people)
  • strong man, strong woman tournament
  • karaoke contest
  • board games tournaments: Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Poker
  • juggling
  • swimming
  • riding

It is impossible to write about all events that took place during SGC. The best way to get right impression is visiting our galleries via the web site.

Showing Cho where to play

Participants' impressions

Przemyslaw Sekula: "This was excellent event. Wonderful place, lot of Go tournaments, Cho Seok-bin's lectures. The lectures were amazing. I wish, the next Summer Go Camp to be similar to this one specially a the same place, and invited strong player, like Cho Seok-bin. Many thanks to organizers."

Wlodzimierz Malinowski: "To be short: Success. Summer Go Camp can be (if isn't) the biggest event in Europe right after EGC. See you in next year."

Jan Stozek: "Vit Brunner was a star, because his accent when he spoke Polish. Seok-bin also is a great person, he spend lot of time with us talking and playing (not only Go game)."

Hans Pietsch Memorial 23rd - 24th September 2006

All players at Hans Pietsch Memorial

Over a 100 German children attended this team event held near Hannover. An Ing grant allowed a guest team from the Lycee Michel Rodange in Luxembourg to take part; they came second in the School Team Masters.