Go Filmography

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Thanks go to Gionata Soletti who started this list, the American Go Association E-Journal,
GoGameGuru, Ralf Gering (Mancala Films) and various individuals for reports of films and programs.

Occidental Films Oriental Films TV Dramas Other TV Anime About Go Adverts Trivia

Occidental Films

Movies such as "A Beautiful Mind", "Pi",
"Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison"

Oriental Films

Movies such as "The Go Master", "The Taste of Tea",
"Tokyo Newcomer"

TV Dramas

Programmes such as "Enterprise", "24",
"Arrested Development"

Other TV

Other programmes such as "The Art of War",
"The Shogun"


Anime such as "Hikaru no Go", "Weiqi Shaonian",
"Nichijou", "Bleach"

Various Films

Films about Go, Adverts
and other Go and film trivia