Annual General Meeting 2021, some Updates
By Lorenz Trippel | News | 07.08.2021 10:09| Views: 3095 | Comments: 2
In 2021 the european congress was again canceled, and so an in person meeting was not possible. Thus all country representatives had instead to sit in front of a camera! 26 of the 37 countries joined the online meeting. Contrary to the last two meetings we could finally agree on a decision for a new membership fee system, and the election for the two board members for the Iwamoto European Foundation IEF also happened this time.
  • Dominique Cornuejols from France and Gerry Gavigan from the UK were elected to the IEF Foundation. This foundation will help the go community thrive throughout the next 25 years, it's set up with 3 european members, these two elected will be joined by the president of the EGF and 3 japanese board members, nominated by the Nihon Ki-in.
  • Artem Kachanovskyi presented his new project, the European Go Journal, it started in the beginning of the year and already has more than 200 subscribers.
  • The EGF board was re-elected for another 3 years. Jana Hricova stepped down as it was determined that the youth development should be managed only by one person. Martin Stiassny and Li Ting were appointed as IGF directors (for 2 years).
  • The financial situation of the EGF is not very good. The income from membership fees is quite low and some of the sponsor money is running out. Finally in this general meeting a new way to calculate the membership fees was adopted: It will take the number of active players during the last three years stronger than 10 kyu charging them each 3 € per year. For example, a country with 50 active players will pay 150€ as an annual fee.
  • Catalin Taranu presented the european go congress 2022 which will be held in his home town of Vatra Dornei in Romania, there will be plenty of tourist possibilities: mountain climbing, biking, horse riding, and river rafting, and as it is in the mountains it won't be too hot!
  • The congress in 2024 will be in Toulouse, France and don't forget the congress in 2023 which will happen in Ukraine, Kamianets-Podilskyi.
  • Also the pro qualification has an official date which is the week from 25th to 31st October, it will be held in two cities Den Haag and Brussels.
Many more interesting reports, like the one about the EGF Academy, or the one about the european Seygo tour, can be read in the minutes.
 Annual General Meeting 2021, some Updates
Tony Collman
08.08.2021 19:37
Where can the IEF's articles of association (or similar statement of objectives etc.) be found?
Lorenz Trippel
08.08.2021 19:45
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