Announcement 6.3.2022

By Email voting by the EGF members on April 30 2022 it was decided that:
  • The start of players from Russia/Belarus in EGF-related tournaments is no longer possible
  • The related decision of the last AGM will be updated from "start under neutral flag possible" to "no start possible"
  • This decision is valid from 16th April 2022 on till further information
* List of the affected tournaments (see bottome of this page)

* List of the affected tournaments:
European single championships, the European Go Congress, Grand Prix (= Bonus Points-) tournaments, European Team Championships (PGETC, Youth-Teams, Student-teams, future European Team Championships), European Pair-Go championship, European qualification-tournaments for European and/or international tournaments (for example the base for nominations by the EGF). any future EGF-supported tournaments.
Not affected are:
-- Any teaching activities (EGF-academy, workshops for youth at EYGC, twitch-comments on the EGF-channel)
-- Working in EGF tasks, supporting publications, Go-news, EGF web page etc