Competition: 1st China vs Europe Online Go Tournament.

Organizers: Chinese Weiqi Association, European Go Federation.

Schedule: 12:00 UTC+2 every day from March 31 (minimum 10 days, maximum 19).

Platform: YIKE Go Server. Live commentary on each round of the tournament by a player invited by the Chinese Weiqi Association.

Participants: Europe and China will each field a team of ten players. The Chinese team is made up of top-grade amateur Weiqi players including newly emerging players. The European team is made up of professionals and top-grade amateur players. There must be at least one female in each of the two teams.

Competition format: The tournament features an elimination series (arena competition) with two players (one selected from the Chinese team and the other from the European team) successively taking part in the competition. The first player from each of the two teams in the competition must be a female. The tournament goes on until the final round. The team that has no players in the end loses the match.

Time Settings: 60 minutes main time, five byo-yomi periods of 60 seconds.

Reward: All the players will be given the certificate of honour by the Chinese Weiqi Association and the European Go Federation.

Arbitration committee: Wang Yi (China), Chen Caibo (China), Ales Cieply (Europe).

Pairing / Results