EGF Annual General Meeting 2003

Meeting will take place 26th July 2003 in Saint Petersburg, Russia


  1. Opening of the meeting, Verifying presence and voting rights
  2. Accepting the agenda
  3. Acceptance of previous year's minutes
  4. Admission of new member nations Russia recommends  Azerbijan, Latvia and Estonia; Serbia & Montenegro
  5. Reports of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial statement by Ing Treasurer
  6. Report of the Auditors
  7. Reports of chairmen of existing Commissions: Constitution
  8. Election of officers and auditors (proposing and seconding countries listed)
      Tony Atkins, Armenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia
    Vice presidents:
    • Marc Gonzales Carnicer, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden
    • Martin Stiassny, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway?
    • Oleg Gavrilov, Armenia, Italy, Finland, Russia
    • (Valentin Urziceanu , Russia)
    • Matti Siivola, Armenia, Finland, Italy, Russia, Sweden
    • Hans Kostka, Sweden, Finland.Russia
    • Frederik Renaud, France
    • Peter Zanfeld
  9. Constitution Change Proposal (as circulated end of January)
  10. Accepting the budget 2003-2004
  11. Creation of any new Commissions or changing old ones
  12. Siting of future Congresses
    • 2004 Poland, Tuchola
    • 2005 Czech Republic
    • 2006 Italy
    • 2007 France, Sweden, Belgium, Austria
    • 2008-2009
  13. Rules for European Pair Go and World Qualifying
  14. European Masters and European Cup
  15. European Tournament Calendar
    includes dates for ToyotaPandanet, Toyota-Denso, Ing, Pair, Ladies, Youth etc. -tournaments
  16. Representation outside Europe
    Pair Go World Championship, World Championship, IGF directors
  17. Items requested by member Federations (Sweden, Italy, Russia)
    Only items that have not been separately handled will be handled here
  18. Any other business