Annual General Meeting 2014 of the European Go Federation
Meeting will take place at 17:00 on Tuesday 29th July 2014 in Sibiu, Romania


 1. Opening of the Meeting 

 2. Verifying Presence and Voting Rights 

 3. Accepting the Agenda 

 4. International Matters:
 a.   Presentations from other International bodies
 b.   Appointment of continuing IGF Director: Martin Finke
 c.   Report from IGF Directors 
 d.   Report from EGCC Supervisory Board

 5. Acceptance of Previous Year's AGM Minutes 

 6. Admission of New Members (South Africa) and Updates from Candidates (Iceland, Greece)

 7. Reports of the President, Secretary, Treasurer 

 8. Report of the Auditors for 2013, discharge of the Board

 9. Reports of Officers/Chairmen of Commissions
 a.   Tournaments & Rules
 b.   Ratings
 c.   Appeals

10. Election of Executive Officers and Auditors 
 a.   The nominations for executive
        • Proposed by RU, DE, CZ, AT, NL: 
             Martin Stiassny for EGF President 
             Lorenz Trippel for EGF Secretary  
             Hans Kostka for EGF Treasurer  
             Jana Hricova for EGF Vice-President  
             Jean-Yves Papazoglou for EGF Vice-President 
             Ting Li for EGF officer 
             Natalia Kovaleva for EGF officer 
        • Proposed by DE, RO, HU:
             Catalin Taranu for EGF President
             Bogdan Campianu for EGF officer

 b.   Auditors: 
	Michal Zubalik, Seffi Hebsacker, Leo Dal Zovo


11. Budgets
 a.   Presentation for Comment of Budgets 2015 

12. Appointment of Commissions

13. European Go Congresses
 a.   Financial report from 2013: Olsztyn, Poland
 b.   Comments on 2014: Sibiu, Romania
 c.   Progress report on 2015: Liberec, Czech Republic 
 d.   Progress report on 2016: St. Petersburg, Russia 
 e.   Progress report on 2017: Burhaniye, Turkey

14. European Tournament Calendar - Selection of Hosts 
 a.   Short updates from 2014/15 selected hosts
 b.   Youth Championship 2016: Grenoble, France | Subotica, Serbia
 c.   Student Championship 2016 ?
 d.   Pair Go 2016 ?
 e.   Women's Championship 2016 ?

15. Proposals from Members
 a.   New Constituition and General Regulations (Commission headed by Han Ellenbroek)
  Vote on Article 6 of the new Regulations. Voting System
  • Proposal 1: One vote per EGF Member
  • Proposal 2: Gradual: 0-40 members or EGF Member paying a reduced Annual Membership
    Subscription Fee 1 vote, 40-200 members 2 votes, 200-500 members 3 votes, 500+ members 4 votes.
 b.   Rating of Internet Games (UK, Jon Diamond)
 c.   Youth Team Championship (IE, Ian Davis)

16. Any other Business:
 • Replaces Irelands Proposal: Youth Teamchampionship Ruleset
 • EGD results upload / EGF / CEGO Online Training. (Austria)
 • New EGF Logo?