EGF Ing Grant Report 2008-2009


Through the grant of $40000 received from the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation in the year ending April 2009, work continued to promote Goe amongst children and to promote the Ing rules, used in several championships. For continued support of the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Educational Foundation, many Goe players, both weak and strong, are extremely grateful. The world economic situation been no further money can be granted by the Foundation, but a lot of the Ing supported activities can continue with lesser support taken from the EGF's financial reserves.

Ing Goe Equipment

312 of the new-style Ing Timers were gratefully received from the Foundation. Ing Timers and Goe Sets were sent to the European Go Congress in Leksand in Sweden where they played the championship by Ing Goe Rules. Ing Equipment was used at the other events supported by the Foundation's grant. No territories received equipment in the period to maintain tournament stocks, due to the ever increasing size of the European Go Congress.

European Women's Goe Championships 2008

The European Women's Goe Championship was held in Koblenz in Germany from 12th to 14th Spetember. Twelve women from six countries took part. The top games were broadcast live on KGS and EuroGoTV. Unbeaten winner was Klara Zaloudkova from Czechia. Second was Manuela Marz from Germany and third was Laura Avram from Romania.

Klara Zaloudkova European Woman Champion

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Ing Chang-Ki Memorial Cup 2009

24 of Europe's top players travelled to the EGCC in Amsterdam between 27th February and 1st March for the Ing Chang-Ki Memorial. First for a fifth year was Fan Hui (from China but living in France), winning all six. Second was Guo Juan, who only lost to Fan Hui. The group on four out of six was Dinerchtein, Taranu, Pop, Shikshin, Silt and Burzo. The event was broadcast live on the internet and on

Alex Dinerchtein against Merlijn Kuin    View of Ing Memorial Cup players    First: Fan Hui

European Youth Goe Championships 2009

This took place in Baja Luka in Bosnia from 5th to 8th March. 43 under-18s and 40 under-12s took part. Winner on tie-break was Israel's Ali Jabarin 4d. Ali, who is 15 and from Jaffa, was Israel Youth Champion in 2007 and 2008. Second was previous winner Artem Kachanovsky 5d from the Ukraine, also on five wins. Winner under-12 was Mikhail Sidorenko 2d on six wins. Second was Dmitri Miliutkyn 4d with five wins. Both are from Russia.

EYGC winners    EYGC broadcast game

EYGC games     More EYGC action

European Student Goe Championships 2008

The fourth European Student Go Championships was held on the Ile Saint Marguerite off of Cannes in France from 22nd to 24th August. 26 students from seven countries took part in a six round McMahon. Three players ended on five. After tie-break the order was first Igor Nemly 5d from Russia, second Jan Hora 6d from Czechia and third Jerome Salignon 4d from France. Top female was again the 3d from Germany, Manuela Marz.

Students' Island

Students' Game broadcast

Student Champion Igor Nemly

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World Youth Goe Championships 2008

The 25th World Youth Goe Championships were organised in Guiyang in China between 6th and 11th July on behalf of the Ing Foundation. This year in the seniors two Europeans did well and won three games: France and Ukraine. EGF Ing money supported visas, local transport and additional team leaders.

Ing Grants 2006-2008

Support was given for teachers of children at the 2008 Polish Summer Camp. 135 people took part, of whom 50 were children and 55 were students. They were taught by Merlijn Kuin 6d and Vit Brunner 4d, and took part in many tournaments and social events.

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We again thank the Ing Chang-Ki Weichi Education Foundation for their support up to now, and look forward to receiving their support again in the future.