European Student Go Team League 2016/17

We are happy to announce the second European Student Go Team League (ESGTL), taking place online from November 2016 to May 2017. University teams from EGF countries can begin to register for the tournament. See below for details.

Results of the first edition 2015/16

Project leaders and tournament organizers: Victor Aubelle aka supercolo (Switzerland), Loïc Lefebvre aka vaurien (France)
You can contact us by mail : aubelle.victor (at) and loic.lefebvre (at)
Important dates:
  • Registration of university teams will take place until November 19th, 2016. (Registrations closed)
  • Start of the matches: December 4th, 2016.

System / Rules:

Team Rules

  • Teams are constituted with 3 players. Each team is allowed to engage a maximum of 5 players. (Student cards / proof will be demanded)
  • Teams choose on their own which players are part of a match. But no player can be added after the beginning of the League even if the team has not reached the 5 players limit.
  • All players must study currently in the university they play for.
  • The team captain (can be anyone of team) will be in charge of coordinating their team and of communicating with the project leaders and the tournament manager.

Match Rules

  • Before any match, each player is ranked from 1 to 3 (according to EGF level at the time of the match). It means in particular that his placement may change between two matches.
  • Each player 1, 2, 3 play against each other.
  • Games will be played on OGS: japanese rules, even games, 30min + 2*20s byo-yomi. Komi : 6,5.
  • Each game gives points as it follows :

League Rules

  • The number of rounds will be determined in function of the number "n" of universities which will be part of the League. If n is less than 7, it will be on a round-robin system.
    If n is more than 8, pools system will be chosen according to the number of participants. There will be a group phase before a knockout phase.
  • Groups will be constituted on a 4 teams basis.
  • Best teams of each group will access the main draw, the others will access the secondary draw.
    (Example for an 8 team League : 2 groups of 4 teams. Teams play 3 matches in the group phase. Each first 2 teams access the main
    draw in semi finals. The last 2 access the secondary draw.)
  • The final standings will be established according to the following criteria :
    1. number of points.
    2. highest match average wins.
    3. direct confrontation (Team)
    4. direct confrontation (1st board).


  • The League will last from November to March.
  • Schedule will be updated in the week following the rounds.
  • The games are being played on a saturday or a sunday, default playing time is 14:00.
1st Round 4.12.2016
2nd Round 5.02.2017
3rd Round 26.02.2017
4th Round 19.03.2016
5th Round 16.04.2016
The default starting time depends on the time zones of the participating teams.
a) within the same time-zone, default time to start is 14:00;
b) one hour difference, default time to start is 14:00 / 15:00;
c) two hours difference, default time to start is 14:00 / 16:00;
d) three hours difference, default time to start is 13:00 / 16:00.
CET (GMT+1): Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia
IST / EET (GMT+2): Israel, Romania, Ukraine
MSK (GMT+3): Russia

Room for the tournament :
As written previously, games will be played on OGS.


May universities present several teams ? - No, Universities are allowed to constitute only 1 team.
Where will we play this League?
- This League will be hosted in OGS.

Staff members will be designed to get the inscriptions from the universities and show the result of each match.

Will there be prizes? - We'll see what we can do... :)

Improvement and ideas to be developed in the future

In the coming years we wish we could host the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final on a day or week-end League.
This kind of event would be a great way to publicize Go among students.
We are open to all suggestions for future editions.