Team of Fudan University

Number 1
Name Xie Changlin
Rank 5k
The 8-year-old boy on the photo, when he was 7 years old, walked into the magical world of Weiqi with his brother Chang Rong. Changlin also likes to draw, using chess stones to paint on the Weiqi board, interpreting the motto "Slowly enter the world". Cool?

Number 2
Name Ma Jingyi
Rank 7k

2016 law department, second major English-Chinese bilingual translation.

She once took the Go class at Jiandan University and wrote an article "On the evolution of the rules of Go from the perspective of symbolic anthropology - Taking ancient China, Japan, and Korea as examples."

She has a keen interest in the interdisciplinary research of Go culture. In May 2019, Ms. Ma Jingyi, a Go culture scholar, and Mrs. Ye attended the inaugural meeting of the Go Culture Research Association of Pujiang College, Nanjing University of Technology. In her dissertation speech, she followed the accumulation of knowledge of Chen Zuyuan's predecessors and Wu Qingyuan's 9-duan competition actual cases to find a unique way to explore the rules of Weiqi. She is committed to the international dissemination of the culture of Go rules and translated relevant papers into English, hoping that more people can experience the beauty of Weiqi.

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Number 3
Name Wang Lianghai
Rank 2d

He learned how to play Weiqi in 1966 and has been playing Go for more than 50 years.
Teacher Wang is deeply infiltrated by the two traditional cultures of Tai Chi and Weiqi. He enjoys playing boxing and chess every day.
Go fans of this tournament, if there are Tai Chi Kung fu fans, can compete with Teacher Wang.
When Teacher Wang was a political teacher in Fudan Affiliated Middle School, he also served as a coach of the Go team. The students he taught won many Shanghai High School Students Go Grand Prix, and the whole world was full of peaches and plums.

Number 4
Name Wang Zilan
Rank 4d

2019 Management Major.

Started to learn Weiqi at the age of 9.

"Five years of Go practice has made my thinking more careful!"

During my freshman year, I served as a class life committee member, and a member of the Youth League Committee Student Union of the School of Management and the Cultural Development Center of the Self-Administered Association of Renzhong College. I actively participated in the preparation of related activities. I am enthusiastic to participate in public welfare activities. I am a member of the Tuoke EBUDDY project. In the summer, I participated in the preparation of the public welfare practice activities of the "Light in Poem" poetry reading online group for the porcelain doll group.

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Number 5
Name Yang Linghuai
Rank 4d

I am an undergraduate student in the Department of Materials Science in 2020.

He started to learn Weiqi at the age of 5 and won the 4d title at the age of 13. Go beyond a hobby for me has become a part of my life.

Number 6
Name Wu Shiqing
Rank 5d

I am an undergraduate in economics and management of the class of 2019, and I am going to be the president of the Fudan University Go Association. I studied Go at the age of 4 and became a 5-dan at the age of 11.

After I entered university, I participated in many college Go tournaments with my classmates from the Weiqi club. Weiqi is an inseparable companion when I grow up. Thank you for this opportunity and look forward to enjoying the joy of Weiqi with my friends in Europe.

Number 7
Name Wang Zhiyuan
Rank 5d

I am a 2018 undergraduate in economics and management. I started to learn Weiqi when I was 6 years old. I won the title of Amateur 5 dan at the age of 10. I am currently the president of the Fudan University Weiqi Association. Go has broadened my horizons, and I hope to take this opportunity to make friends with more European Weiqi players~

Number 8
Name Zhang Liheng
Rank 5d

I am an undergraduate at 2019 medical school. I started to learn Weiqi at the age of 5 and won the title of amateur 5 dan at the age of 11. Weiqi has been my best friend for many years, and it is through Weiqi that I have gotten closer to people from all over the world and even unknown people.

I once represented this city in the Provincial Games and achieved second place in the team. I am currently active in Weiqi competitions between Fudan University and the other universities.

Number 9
Name Qinyue Zhu
Rank 5d

I am a 2017 undergraduate student in the Department of Psychology. Born in 1998, learned Weiqi at the age of 5, and won the 5 dan in 2007. Actively participating in school Weiqi activities and competitions, and once represented Fudan University in the National University Go League.

Number 10
Name Cheng Anyuan
Rank 5d

I am a 2017 undergraduate in the Department of Chemistry. I served as the president of the Fudan University Go Association from 2018 to 2019. I won the 2019 "Department Cup" Fudan University Go Tournament and represented Fudan University in the Shanghai University Go League.

Number 11
Name Shi Jinbo
Rank 3p

Shi Jinbo served as the president of the Go Association of Fudan University from 2001 to 2002.

In 1998, professional 1 dan, won the champion of Weiqi holy war 1p group.

In 1999, professional 2 dan, won the champion of Weiqi holy war 2p group.

Promoted to professional 3p in 2000.

Entered Fudan University in 2000 and studied law. In 2001, he won the men's individual championship of the Ying's Cup University Go Championship, and together with his teammates, he won three men's team championships from 2001 to 2004.

Mr. Shi was awarded the title of outstanding graduate in 2004. In the same year, he was recommended by Fudan University and the Chinese Weiqi Academy, passed written examinations and interviews, entered Thailand Zhengda Group as the head coach of Thai Go, and used his legal knowledge to practice Thai Go management. 

The friendship and cooperation between Mr. Shi and Mr. Cai Xufeng, the “Father of Go in Thailand”, are amazing. It was during the period of studying at Fudan University (2002) that Shi Jinbo 3p was invited by Mr. Cai to visit Thailand for the first time to participate in a university Go tournament and experience the Thai-style Go tournament management mode.

It has been 16 years since teacher Shi went to Thailand as the head coach. He is concerned about the country and established the Jinbo Weiqi School in Yichang, Hubei, which is managed by his parents to carefully cultivate reserve talents for Weiqi.

Teacher Shi has trained 21 amateur 5d players and 2 amateur 6d players for Thailand. He has personally perfected and controlled Thailand's ranking system. He has also participated in the organization of many Go tournaments such as the Asian Go Team Competition, the Southeast Asian Games, and the Mama Cup. He has made outstanding contributions to the revitalization and development of Weiqi in Thailand and the exchange of Weiqi with China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and the United States.

Teacher Shi participated in this tournament on behalf of the Fudan Go Association, which once again embodies his cultural spirit of Go in the world.

"I hope that the flower of friendship between China and Europe can grow up in the exchange of black and white Go stones in the hands of students and teachers."

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