3rd European Grand Prix Finale 2019

The Grand Prix Finale 2019 is the culmination of all the Bonus Point Tournaments that took place over the year.
This year it will be held in Leksand, Sweden from the 16th – 19th January 2020. 16 players, both professional and amateur, and with the citizenship of an EGF member-country, qualified for the tournament by winning Bonus Points in the Grand Prix Serie 2019.


Date : 16th – 19th January 2020 
Place : Leksand, Sweden
EGD: T200116A

1st place: Mateusz Surma
2nd place: Artem Kachanovskyi
3rd place: Stanisław Frejlak
4th place: Daniel Hu


16th Jan. Thursday
10:30 Opening and drawing
11:30 Round 1

17th Jan. Friday
10:00 Round 2
15:00 Round 3

18th Jan. Saturday
10:00 Round 4 - Quarter-finals
15:00 Round 5 - Semi-finals

19th Jan. Sunday
10:00 Round 6, games for 3rd, 5th, 7th
11:00 Final
16:00 Prizegiving / Closing


Pot #1
Poland Mateusz Surma, 2p
Russia Ilja Shikshin, 3p
Ukraine Artem Kachanovskyi, 2p
Slovakia Pavol Lisý, 2p
Pot #2
Czechia Lukáš Podpěra, 7d
Israel Ali Jabarin, 2p
Poland Stanisław Frejlak, 7d
Romania Cornel Burzo, 7d
Pot #3
Ukraine Andrii Kravets, 1p
Serbia Nikola Mitić, 7d
France Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia, 6d
UK Daniel Hu, 5d
Pot #4
Serbia Dušan Mitić, 7d
Spain Oscar Vazquez, 6d
Hungary Dominik Bővíz, 6d
France Tanguy Le Calvé, 1p
Preparing lottery for building the preliminary tournament groups A to D:
– Build groups A, B, C and D by setting the players of pot #1 as heads of the groups and then spread the players of each pot to the groups


Group A

Name M L N D Rank
Poland Mateusz Surma xxx W L W 2
Czechia Lukáš Podpěra L xxx W W 3
Serbia Nikola Mitić W L xxx W 1
Hungary Dominik Bővíz L L L xxx 4

Group B

Name I C B O Rank
Russia Ilja Shikshin xxx W W W 1
Romania Cornel Burzo L xxx L L 4
France Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia L W xxx W 2
Spain Oscar Vazquez L W L xxx 3

Group C

Name Ar Al An D Rank
Ukraine Artem Kachanovskyi xxx W L W 2
Israel Ali Jabarin L xxx W W 3
Ukraine Andrii Kravets W L xxx W 1
Serbia Dušan Mitić L L L xxx 4

Group D

Name P S D T Rank
Slovakia Pavol Lisý xxx W L L 3
Poland Stanisław Frejlak L xxx W W 2
UK Daniel Hu W L xxx W 1
France Tanguy Le Calvé W L L xxx 4

Pairings / Results

Games will be transmitted on KGS (Userids EGF1, EGF2, EGF3 and EGF4) and on Twitch

Rules and Tournament System

Game parameters:
– Even games, Chinese rules
– Fischer time – 45 minutes basic with 20 seconds per additional move
– “EGF Nigiri” in all games – the winner of nigiri decides the colours, and the loser the position for the clock

System of pairing for the preliminary rounds:
– 1. round (Thursday morning): per group (A to D) players pot #1 — pot #3 and pot #2 — pot #4 (1-3 and 2-4)
– 2. round (Friday morning): Winners against winners and losers against losers of round 1
– 3. round (Friday afternoon): automatically defined

Tiebreaks for the Group Stage:
– Number of wins
– Result in round 3 
– Mutual game

The group stage is a round robin system - All players in a group must play 3 games together 
The top 2 players per group qualify for the finals, there are no more games for players ending 3rd and 4th place within their group.

Mode of pairing for the 3 final rounds:

 4. round (Saturday morning):   A1 -- C2, A2 -- C1, B1 -- D2, B2 -- D1

 5. round (Saturday afternoon):
     top 4:   winner A1/C2   --   winner B2/D1,   winner A2/C1  --   winner B1/D2
     bottom 4:   loser A1/C2   --   loser B2/D1,    loser A2/C1   --   loser B1/D2

 6. round (Sunday morning):
     1st place:   winner of won A1/C2 vs. won B2/D1   --   winner of won A2/C1 vs. won B1/D2
     3rd place:   loser of won A1/C2 vs. won B2/D1    --    loser of won A2/C1 vs. won B1/D2
     5th place:   winner of lost A1/C2 vs. lost B2/D1    --   winner of lost A2/C1 vs. lost B1/D2
     7th place:   loser of lost A1/C2 vs. lost B2/D1    --   loser of lost A2/C1 vs. lost B1/D2

Side Tournament 8.1.2021 - 31.1.2021

Name L O Du Do Rank
Czechia Lukáš Podpěra xxx W L W 2
Spain Oscar Vazquez L xxx L L 4
Serbia Dušan Mitić W W xxx W 1
Hungary Dominik Bővíz L W L xxx 3

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