Obituary of Karl-Ernst Paech

Dear Go Fellows,

I am deeply sorry to report you the death of Karl-Ernst Paech, who died on 16 April 2013, aged 90 years.

He was a worldwide known Go pioneer, architect, player and sponsor of Go in Europe.

'Herr Paech', as we used to call him respectfully, was one of the founders of the EGF in the late fifties. As EGF president (1967-1969) and later EGF treasurer, he was a member of the EGF board for more than 15 years. Later Herr Paech became Honorary President of the German Go Federation.

Herr Paech was also well known in East Asia. He received 2 dan diplomas from the Nihon Ki-in in 1965 and from the Korean Baduk Association in 1982. In 1988 he was awarded the Japanese Okura prize, the highest award of the Nihon Ki-in for spreading Go in the world.

Without Herr Paech, the Go in Europe that we know would surely look different. We will sadly miss him.

Dr. Michael Marz
President of the German Go Federation