Death of Kato Masao 30/12/04

Kato Masao (Nihon Ki-in)

From British Go Association news

It is with great regret that we announce the death of Kato Masao, pro 9 dan and President of the IGF and Chairman of the Nihon Kiin. Mr Kato had been in hospital for a few weeks following a brain haemorrhage and operation, but passed away lunchtime (Japanese time) on 30/12/04. He was 57. This is a double blow as past President Toshimitsu Matsuo died on 09/11/04. Mr Kato was well known in the west through his many title wins and two books in English. He visited London for the Kisei match in 2001. He had been juggling a professional career with the role of Chairman/President since the spring. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.