Obituary of Nakayama

Nakayama relaxes at Canterbury with Mito Yukari and John Power (by Jochen Fassbender)

Nakayama Noriyuki, pro 6 dan, born 3rd September 1932, passed on 16th February 2010, at the age of 77.

Nakayama sensei was a teacher much loved by western Go players and he had been a regular visitor to the European Go Congress over many years. His cheerful, almost comic, attitude when reviewing games endeared him to the hearts of those who met him.

He was a prolific writer for the Asahi Shinbun newspaper and of many books, including the classic in English "The Treasure Chest Enigma". His love for beautiful long ladders was clearly expressed in this book, as well has his delight in all aspects of the game.

He visited the European Congress, often with a tour party of Japanese amateurs, several times and was often on the way to the US Congress, another event he loved to attend. Also he often came over for special Go camps and the like. He is known to have been at Edinburgh in 1983, Terschelling in 1985, Canterbury in 1992, Praha in 1993, Berlin in 2000, Dublin in 2001 and latterly Villach in 2007.

He will be missed by all who were lucky enough to hear him teach.