Issyk-Kul Cup 2022 international tournament
By Davron Yuldashev | News | 09.07.2022 20:19| Views: 2987
⚫️⚪️ How was the largest summer Weiqi Festival and Issyk-Kul Cup 2022 international tournament 

From June 10-12, for the first time in the history of Kyrgyzstan, an international Go tournament and festival was held on the shores of the Issyk-Kul mountain lake in the co-working resort @ololoAkjol

We would like to share the highlights of this event:

The tournament was visited by both very young and inexperienced players, as well as masters and legends of European Go, who showed real class and spectacular games!

The tournament was held according to the MacMahon system with 4 rounds. More than 100 participants of the tournament were divided into 3 main groups, among which there was a beginner children's group under 12 years old, a group of intermediate players and a top group with the participation of masters.

  • The owner of the Issyk-Kul Cup 2022 is Alexander Dinerstein 3-pro dan!
  • Vice-champion - Timur Sankin 6-dan
  • Bronze medalist - Ilya Trunilin 3-dan
  • The best player from the Go Federation of Kazakhstan was - Dilmar Karazhanov 5kyu (3 wins / 1 loss) 
  • The best player from the Go Federation of Kyrgyzstan was Danay Aytaliev 5kyu (3 wins / 1 loss)
While the participants of the tournament competed for the title of the best, the incredible Weiqi Festival took place in parallel, which created a stunning oriental authenticity. Guests, partners and families of participants enjoyed swimming in the lake and also participated in many Go workshops, mini-competitions, Chinese tea ceremony, board game nights at olaBar, music, dancing, socializing, dating and much more. All this helped to involve even more new fans of the Go game to the world of Go by becoming part of our large community❤️

At the closing ceremony, our President Davron Yuldashev made a speech in which he thanked all the participants, partners. He also noted the quality of the tournament and beautiful games. At the end he awarded all the participants with diplomas and the winners with medals and a cup.

Also, the President of the Kyrgyz Go Federation presented souvenirs to the presidents of the federations for their support and contribution to the development. Next year, the schedule of the event will be even larger, longer, and the cultural and tourist program will be much more interesting and exciting.

Thanks to this event, more than 50,000 thousand people heard about the game of Go, and hundreds of people who wanted to learn how to play and become part of our young Go community

We would like to thank everyone for their active participation in our event. We also thank our dear and valuable media partners, including the European Go Federation. Thanks to them the Go movement continues to grow actively, and many countries learn about the development of Go in Kyrgyzstan. This tournament will become an annual tradition, which is a new energy for the development of this wonderful game in our Central Asian region!

We wish our participants all the best, a lot of joyful and happy memories, and of course we are looking forward to many new friends and participants next year! See you at Issyk-Kul Cup 2023!❤️

Alexandr Dinerchtein playing simul games
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Issyk-Kul Cup 2022 international tournament
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