Who will be the next European Pro?
By Nicholas Roussos | Articles | 18.02.2023 19:11| Views: 6144 | Comments: 3
Who will be the next European Pro?
Eight of the strongest amateur European Go players are battling next weekend to win the European Pro title.

The 7th European Pro Qualification, supported by CEGO, is taking place in Mokra Horakov, Brno in the Czech Republic in two parts. The first part is on 25-26 February, 2023 and the second part is on 10-12 March, 2023.

In Round 1, the drawn pairs will play a best of 3 match. The draw is as follows:

Lukas Podpera (Czech Republic) -- Elian Grigoriu (Romania)
Oscar Vazquez (Spain) -- Jan Simara (Czech Republic)
Cornel Burzo (Romania) -- Benjamin Teuber (Germany)
Jan Prokop (Czech Republic) -- Dominik Boviz (Hungary)
19.02.2023 19:43
Where are the 8 other participants? I mean the linked OGF document on the organization talks about.
How can only 3 games qualify a pro?
20.02.2023 18:54
Hi Max. All players 6-dan and stronger were invited directly (so all players with minimum rating 2551) - about 30 players were addressed according to the EGD-lists. The number of players is the result of the positive answers - only 9 players were interested and one player of them is a reserve-player.
Vít Brunner
25.02.2023 22:50
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