EGC 2015 finished
By Pavol Lisy | News | 12.08.2015 13:06| Views: 6003
EGC 2015 finished

The 59th WeiqiTV European Go Congress, held in Liberec, Czech Republic was finished by a Closing Ceremony on Saturday,  8th of August 2015. This was the first Congress where The European Championship had already finished after one week, therefore the second week was there for The Main Tournament and side tournaments such as The Omikron Rengo European Championship, 9x9 Tournament, Children Tournament, Ladies Tournament and Lightning Tournament.

The Main Tournament of EGC 2015 was the biggest tournament in Europe in history with 762 participants from 44 countries.
The winner of the tournament was Wang Zheming 3p from China who was undefeated after 10 rounds, second came Kim Youn-Sam 7d from Korea with 9 wins out of 10 only losing to the winner of the tournament. The 3rd place was decided in the last round on many boards, because Pavol Lisy 1p from Slovakia who finished 3rd was ahead of Ali Jabarin 1p from Israel by 1 SOS point. Both with 7 wins.
There was one player, but not the winner of the tournament who made unbelievable 10 victories out of 10 and that was a young boy, Rusanovskyi Dmytro 7 kyu from Ukraine. Congratulations for the Winners!

I think the organizers made a very good job this year and not only for the people who were at the congress, but also for those who were not there. It is still not too late to see what was going on, because of the online stream provided by the organizers.
Results of Main and Side tournaments and Game records

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