2021 Austrian Open, Helmut Wiltschek Memorial
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After the Grand Slam Qualification Tournament came to a close on Friday, the settings in GO7 were immediately changed around for the start of the Austria Open 2021, this year dedicated to the memory of Helmut Wiltschek.

Mainorganiser Jürgen as Joker
Go and Music!

Helmut Wiltschek Memorial – Austrian Open, was played on the 13th and 14th November in the Vienna Go7 goclub.

Lukas, Oscar and Viktor
Female Austrian Champion 2021, Lilly Hu

This year the Austrian open was dedicated to the memory of Helmut Wiltschek. Vázquez Óscar (6d) was able to win followed by Lukas Podpera (7d) 2nd and Viktor Lin (6d) 3rd place.

Helmut Wiltschek

Helmut Wiltschek was one of Austrian topplayers and in his gloss time he got a 6-dan diploma from the Nihon Kiin based on his succeses in tournaments.

"As chessplayer I would have come as far as Baden, with go I came to Japan", were the words, we associate with Helmut Wiltschek and that more than just shaped his life.

His involment was shown specially in his friendships and contacts in Japan that lead to the yearly go-event in Ischgl.
Under the slogan "Go and mountain hiking" both pro's and amateurs from Japan mixed with guests from Austria and Germany enjoyed the sound of stones.

Results of the Austrian Open

Oscar Vazquez in one of his typical position at the board

How was it possible that Hu Lilly (18K) 4 years old was able to become Austrian Female Champion 2021?


The best Austrian Female in the Austrian Open automatically becomes Austrian Female Champion.
The strongest Austrian Female on paper was Lisa Mayer, but she was not able to participate and thus Lilly was able to become the champion this year.

Lilly is one of the 2 daughters of Li Ting 1p and Hu Bin; Together with her twin sister Cherry they play go and solve Tsumego every day.

play the move
impress the opponent

It is to be expected that in the years to come we can enjoy the pleasure of some extremly young female go players.
2021 Austrian Open, Helmut Wiltschek Memorial

This article was written by Antonius Claasen

Born 31th of January 1962, in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands
started playing go 1979
Promotion to 1 Dan in 1981, after the Go Congress in Linz.
Promotion to 4 Dan in 1985 After the Go Congress in Terschelling.
Eurpean Champion 13X13 in 1984
European Team Champion in 1985, together with Frank Janssen and Joost Cremers.
I have 5 children and live at the moment in Hamburg Germany.

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