Go Magic Released and Strives to Help Go Clubs Around the World
By Vadim Efimenko | Articles | 23.06.2022 22:59| Views: 3317
We knew it was going to be a long journey when we started it. Now that Go Magic has officially been released, we feel like it’s only the beginning. 

There will be more courses, more quizzes to solve, a modern joseki database, playing with AI of varying difficulty level and much more. You can find the project’s short and long-term plans in this roadmap.

By the way, you can help the team set their priorities if you complete the Help Go Magic Get Better survey.

Our Gift for Go Clubs

Now that the platform has been launched we think it’s a good time to remember why we started it all in the first place. We wanted to create a space where people could learn about Go, get better at it and reignite their enthusiasm in the process. At the same time we’d like to support tournament organizers and Go club owners.

So to celebrate the occasion Go Magic has an offer for all Go club leaders and teachers. A Go Magic Gold membership for free! You can use it to help your students or for self-improvement. 

If you are interested, you can send us an email with some information about you. You’ll find more details on the page for Go Clubs and Organizers. We ask nothing in return.

We hope it helps more people discover this magical game and stay excited when playing and learning it!

Go Magic Released and Strives to Help Go Clubs Around the World
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