Chinese Culture Center in Brussels
By Pavol Lisy | News | 22.07.2015 16:37| Views: 4224
Chinese Culture Center in Brussels

On Thursday 9th of July, the Belgian Go Federation together with representatives of the EGF, the IGF and the European Go Center were kindly invited to the first ever official event of the brand new Chinese Culture Center of Brussels. Located close to the European Parliament, this center is built in a renovated typical large house of Brussels. The official opening ceremony will take place in September and a website should be available by then.

For this event, Zhang Wendong 9p and Fan Hui 2p came from Beijing and Bordeaux respectively to give a lecture and play simultaneous games. The director of the CCCB, Mr Yan Zhenquang, personally welcomed us and stated his will to contribute to the spread of the Chinese culture in general, and Go in particular, in Europe. He kindly offered some Go material to the Belgian Go Federation. The event ended with a Chinese dinner.

We are proud and grateful that Go was the first cultural aspect of China that the CCCB decided to honor. This should be taken as an encouragement to promote Go further in Belgium and in Europe and we are eager to collaborate with the CCCB in that respect.

Thomas Connor,
Belgian Go Federation


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