Mateusz Surma

Name Mateusz Surma
Nationality Poland Poland
Date of birth 03.09.1995
Promotion history 2015 - 1p, 2019 - 2p, 2023 - 3p
  • 2006 - 1st place in the European Youth Championship under 12, 6th place in the World Youth Championship under 12
  • 2010 - 1st place in the European Youth Championship under 16
  • 2011 - 1st place in the European Youth Championship under 16, 5th place in the World Youth Championship under 16
  • 2013 - 3rd place in the European Championship
  • 2015 - 1st place in the European Professional Qualifications and obtaining “pro” title as the first Polish player in history, 2nd place in the European Grand Slam, 2nd place in the Silk Road Tournament
  • 2016 - 2nd place in the European Professional Championship
  • 2017 - 2nd place in the European Professional Championship, Four wins in a row in the Chinese Go League, 1st place in the Samsung Cup preliminaries - World Division Baduk Masters, 2nd place in the European Championship.
  • 2018 - 3rd place in the European Championship
  • 2019 - 2nd place in the European Professional Championship, 1st place in the European Grand Slam
  • 2020 - 1st place in the European Grand Prix Finale
  • 2023 - 1st place in the European Professional Championship
Personal message
       My dad taught me to play Go when I was six and a half. At first I studied mostly at home, but I also used to attend local Go club once per week.
       At various points from 2009-2013, I trained Go in South Korea at schools: King’s Baduk Dojang, Yang Jae-Ho Baduk Dojang, and Choong-Am Baduk Dojang. Altogether, I spent 2 years and 5 months there.
       In years 2015-2016 I trained Go in China at Ge Yuhong Weiqi Daochang. Altogether, I spent 8 months there.
       Recently I'm more focused on trying to make Go more popular in non-Asian countries.
       I wrote nine go books for beginners (available in five languages: English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish). You can buy them at my shop.
       I'm married since 2018.

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