Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship 2023

Online Go Server
Schedule: at 18:30 CEST on September 16 and 30, October 7
Live commentary:
by players from both teams on the EGF Twitch channel
Organizers: European Go Federation (EGF), North American Go Federation (NAGF)
Sponsor: Iwamoto North America Foundation (INAF)

Next round: September 30th at 18:30 CEST

  • NAGF: Ryan Li 4p, Eric Lui 2p, Kevin Yang 1p, Alexander Qi 1p, Michael Chen 1p
  • EGF: Artem Kachanovskyi 2p, Pavol Lisy 2p, Ali Jabarin 2p, Andrii Kravets 1p, Stanislaw Frejlak 1p, Tanguy Le Calve 1p, Jan Simara 1p
Tournament system:
Each team nominates three players for each round. The first board plays with random colors, while boards 2 and 3 alternate colors. The team that wins more rounds, wins the tournament.

Game settings:
Basic time: 60 min, byo-yomi: 5 x 1 min. Chinese rules, 7.5 points komi

Winning team: $5000, runner-up team: $1000. Game prize: winner: $250, loser: $100


Round 1, September 16th
Board EGF NAGF Result
1 Andrii Kravets 1p Ryan Li 4p 0-1
2 Stanislaw Frejlak 1p Eric Lui 2p 0-1
3 Pavol Lisy 2p Kevin Yang 1p 0-1
Round 2, September 30th
Board EGF NAGF Result
1 Artem Kachanovskyi 2p Kevin Yang 1p
2 Ali Jabarin 2p Ryan Li 4p
3 Tanguy Le Calve 1p Michael Chen 1p