The 54th European Go Congress

24.07.2010-07.08.2010, Tampere, Finland

Sponsored by Zhuyeqing Tea

The 54th European Go Congress, sponsored by Zhuyeqing Tea, was held in Tampere in southern Finland.

418 players took part in the first week of the main Open Championship, including a few strong vistors from outside Europe. Ilya Shikshin was in first place after the first five games. Artem Kachanovskyy, Cornel Burzo, Alex Dinerchtein, Csaba Mero and Ali Jabarin were the Europeans in the group on four wins.

At the end of the second week 459 players had taken part. The top group of 4 players all ended on 8 wins and were split by SOS. There were also 4 players on 7. Winner and new European Champion was Ilya Shikshin from Russia, just squeezing Ukrainian Artem Kachanovskyy in to second by 2 SOS points, despite winning their encounter.

  1. Ilya Shikshin (8 wins)
  2. Artem Kachanovskyy
  3. Kim Chae-Lim
  4. Kim Jang-Hyeop
  5. Kang Kyoung-Nang (7 wins)
  6. Catalin Taranu
  7. Cornel Burzo
  8. Cristian Pop

350 players took part in the Weekend Tournament. After four rounds Kim Jung-Hyeop and Ilya Shikshin were unbeaten in the top group. Ilya lost to end runner up for a second year and allow the Korean to be the winner.

  • 1st Kim Jung-Hyeop
  • 2nd Ilya Shikshin
  • 3rd Alex Dinerchtein
  • 4th Thomas Debarre
  • 5th Cristian Pop

On 7 afternoons the Rapid Play was held and had 195 players. Winner was Kim Jung-Hyeop with 7 wins, two more than second place.

Finland's own Janne Kosso (4d) won the handicap 9x9 (beating an 2 kyu in the final). Ilya Shikshin won the 13x13 surviving both the league stage and the knockout stage. Ilya Shikshin also won the Lightning beating Klara Zaloudkova in the final. The Team Tournament was won by Gimbab Power (Kim Jung-Hyeop, Kim Chae-Lim, Kang Kyoung-Nang, Javier-Aleksi Savolainen and Thomas Connor).

Pair Go

There was as usual a Pair Go tournament with 59 pairs. Prizes were given by the World Pair Go Association. The best seven pairs on 3 wins and one on 2 wins played knock-out finals. The winners of the 600 euro first prize were Klara Zaloudkova (Czechia) and Mok Chin-Seok (Korea). They beat Laura Avram and Ilya Shikshin from Russia in the final.

  • 1st Klara Zaloudkova and Mok Chin-Seok
  • 2nd Laura Avram and Ilya Shikshin


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