Pandanet Go European Team Championship - Finals 2011-12

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The best 4 teams, from the more than 30 countries that signed up to the Pandanet Go European Team Championship, played over-the-board finals at the European Go Congress in Bonn, Germany.
Two games were played on Saturday 21st July 2012 and the last round on the evening of Sunday 22nd July 2012.

The top boards were broadcast live on Pandanet (IGS) in special room "EuropeanTeamChamp" with live pictures on EuroGoTV.

The board 1 Ukraine games were played online on Pandanet as Artem Kachanovskyj was refused visa to attend the congress.


Winners: Russia

Czechia placed second because of League positions.



Photos of Team Members (including reserves)

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

RU 2-2 FR
UA 2-2 CZ
RU 2-2 CZ
UA 4-0 FR
RU 3-1 UA
FR 1-3 CZ

For further info visit the Pandanet Go European Team Championship Community on Pandanet.