Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Leagues 2011-12

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The same 30 countries started playing in the second Pandanet Go European Team Championship.

They were split into 3 Leagues by their places in the previous Championship as shown below.

Games are played on Pandanet (IGS) in special room "EuropeanTeamChamp".

The C-League was relaunched for the start of November 2011 with a new schedule and three new teams, following two teams having to withdraw.

A League

  • A1 Russia
  • A2 Romania
  • A3 Ukraine
  • A4 Hungary
  • A5 France
  • A6 Germany
  • A7 Czechia
  • A8 Netherlands
  • B1 Sweden
  • B2 Poland

B League

  • A9 Finland
  • A10 Serbia
  • B3 Israel
  • B4 Austria
  • B5 Denmark
  • B6 Slovenia
  • B7 United Kingdom
  • B8 Belgium
  • C1 Slovakia
  • C2 Switzerland

C League

  • B9 Croatia - withdrew
  • B10 Spain
  • C3 Turkey
  • C4 Luxembourg - withdrew
  • C5 Italy
  • C6 Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • C7 Cyprus
  • C8 Portugal
  • C9 Ireland
  • C10 Bulgaria
  • new Belarus
  • new Kazhakstan
  • new Norway

Overall Schedule of Matches

For further info visit the Pandanet Go European Team Championship Community on Pandanet.