Globis Cup Qualification 2021

Online on Wbaduk

10th – 11th of April

The winner of the tournament will qualify for the Globis Cup 2021, which will be held online, on CyberOro / Wbaduk server in 5th – 6th June of 2021. Tournament conditions will be the same as last year (condition of the qualification tournament)

Time Table:
CEST is used
06.04 Tuesday
19:00 Orientation meeting

10.04 Saturday
10:00 1st round in groups 
14:00 2nd round in groups
17:00 3rd round in groups

11.04 Sunday
10:00 Semi-Final 
14:00 Final

Playing conditions:
  • Thinking time: The basic time control for each game is 30 seconds per move. In addition, each player has 10 periods of extra thinking time, 1 minute each. The format is the same as NHK Cup, for more reference see>
  • Every player must play live with a camera and record his performance during the game. There must be visible a player during the game from his/her side together with his/her computer screen and his/her hand with mouse in the recorded video. Integrated webcam showing a player from front, sitting at his/her computer during the game is enough for a live broadcast during the game.
  • A link will be posted to each player before the round for connection to the shared online room. Each player must be present in the online room during whole his/her game. online room will be arranged on google-meet
  • Match Settings on Wbaduk:
Eligible players:
  • A player must be born on 1st of January 2001 or later
  • Rating of the player must be 2250 or higher during the period 1st January - 31st of March 2021
  • A player must be a member of National Go Association / Federation of any EGF member country and have a passport of that country
Tournament system:

As 8 players registered for the tournament, a Globis Cup system for two groups (double KO) will be used followed by single KO semifinal and final stage.
There will be two groups of four players, A and B
Players will be seeded by a draw out of four baskets, according to the ratings.
1st basket: Oscar Vazquez, Arved Pittner (players A1 and B1 will be selected)
2nd basket: Savva Mezin, Vsevolod Ovsiienko (players A2 and B2 will be selected)
3rd basket: Davide Bernardis, Egor Lavrov (players A3 and B3 will be selected)
4th basket: Askar Khusainov, Artemij Pishchalnikov (players A4 and B4 will be selected)
Pairing will be done as follows:
1st round: A1 - A4, A2 - A3, B1 - B4, B2 - B3
2nd round: winner (A1-A4) - winner (A2-A3), looser (A1-A4) - looser (A2-A3)
                  winner (B1-B4) - winner (B2-B3), looser (B1-B4) - looser (B2-B3)
Players with two points from both groups will qualify directly to the Semi-Final as the winners of the groups (W(A) and W(B)). Players with 0 points will be eliminated from the tournament.
3rd round: players with one point after the 2nd round in each group will play a decisive game for who will qualify as a runner-up from the group to the Semi-Final (R(A) and (R(B))
Semi-Final: W(A) - R(B), W(B) - R(A)


The winner of the tournament will qualify for the Globis Cup 2021, which will be held online, on CyberOro / Wbaduk server in 5th – 6th June of 2021. Tournament conditions will be the same as last year (conditions of the qualification tournament)

Additional information:

Orientation meeting will be held online on Tuesday, 6th of April at 19:00 CEST, on google-meet. A connection / invitation link will be posted to all participants by 18:30 CEST. An account on gmail is required for the connection.
Details about the meeting will be sent to all participants on Monday, 5th of April.


Tournament Groups:

Group  A Group B
A1 Arved Pittner (Gopard) B1 Oscar Vazquez (dacat1)
A2 Savva Mezin (labok228) B2 Vsevolod Ovsiienko (ovseva)
A3 Davide Bernardis (jumpice77) B3 Egor Lavrov (freedoml2)
A4 Artemij Pishchalnikov (artypro) B4 Askar Khusainov (askarkzn)


1st round (Saturday, 10th of April, 10:00 CEST)

A1-A4: Arved Pittner - Artemij Pishchalnikov 0 - 1 Arved Pittner (W) - Artemij Pishchalnikov (B), B+11.5
A2-A3: Davide Bernardis - Savva Mezin  1 - 0 Davide Bernardis (W) - Savva Mezin (B), W+10.5
B1-B4: Askar Khusainov - Oscar Vazquez  0 - 1 Askar Khusainov (W) - Oscar Vazquez (B), B+36.5
B2-B3: Vsevolod Ovsiienko - Egor Lavrov 0 - 1 Vsevolod Ovsiienko (W) - Egor Lavrov (B), B+R

2nd round (Saturday, 10th of April, 14:00 CEST)

Artemij Pishchalnikov - Davide Bernardis 0 - 1 Artemij Pishchalnikov (W) - Davide Bernardis (B), B+R
Arved Pittner - Savva Mezin 1 - 0 Arved Pittner (W) - Savva Mezin (B), W+R
Egor Lavrov - Oscar Vazquez 1 - 0 Egor Lavrov (W) - Oscar Vazquez (B), W+R
Askar Khusainov - Vsevolod Ovsiienko 1 - 0 Askar Khusainov (W) - Vsevolod Ovsiienko (B), W+7.5

3rd round (Saturday, 10th of April, 17:00 CEST)

Artemij Pishchalnikov - Arved Pittner 0 - 1 Artemij Pishchalnikov (W) - Arved Pittner (B), B+R
Askar Khusainov - Oscar Vazquez 0 - 1 Askar Khusainov (W) - Oscar Vazquez (B), B+R

Semifinal (Sunday, 11th of April, 10:00 CEST)

Oscar Vazquez - Davide Bernardis  1 - 0 Oscar Vazquez (W) - Davide Bernardis (B), W+R
Egor Lavrov - Arved Pittner 1 - 0 Egor Lavrov (W) - Arved Pittner (B), W+R

Final (Sunday, 11th of April, 14:00 CEST)

Egor Lavrov - Oscar Vazquez  0 - 1 Egor Lavrov (W) - Oscar Vazquez (B), B+R

Oscar Vazquez qualified for the Globis Cup 2021, which will be beld online (WBaduk) in 5th - 6th of June 2021. Congratulations and good luck!

PIN EGD Name Family Name Country Wbaduk Username Max rating (January - March) Rating 31st of March
15633673 Oscar Vazquez Spain dacat1 2596 2596
16398371 Arved Pittner Germany Gopard 2493 2493
16086840 Savva Mezin Russia labok228 2395 2395
17633902 Vsevolod Ovsiienko Ukraine ovseva 2373 2373
17886946 Davide Bernardis Italy jumpice77 2309 2307
17886462 Egor Lavrov Russia freedoml2 2311 2310
17525706 Askar Khusainov Russia askarkzn 2299 2296
16549071 Artemij Pishchalnikov Russia artypro 2288 2278