Next Season in EGF Academy starting on 27 March
By Viktor Lin | News | 16.03.2017 19:58 | Views: 898
Season 5 of the EGF Academy is about to start on 27 March. Having restructured some parts of the EGF Academy, we are recruiting new students and calling for supporters who want to profit while contributing!

The EGF Academy is a training system designed for both young and talented players and the very top of Europe. It was founded two years ago and made possible by a collaboration between the EGF, Ge Yuhong Go Academy, and CEGO, via the pivotal coordination of EGF executive Li Ting 1p.

The teaching is led by powerful pros from China, Zhao Baolong 2p with assistance of Li Cong 3p, who work under Mr. Ge Yuhong, and the legendary European veteran pros Catalin Taranu 5p and Alexandr Dinerchtein 3p.
The activities of the EGF Academy are mostly, but not only, held online:

-up to 7 league games per Cycle. (One Cycles corresponds to 4 weeks.)
-one lesson a week per League. (Currently there are 4 Leagues.)
-commentary of the league games.

We have organised meetings between teachers and students at EGCs:

Meeting with Baolong in Liberec

Meeting with Catalin (not pictured) in Liberec

Meeting with Catalin (pictured) in St. Petersburg

However, not everyone can take part. Students have to fulfill certain criteria in order to be eligible for participation:

-citizen of an EGF member country.
-minimum 2 kyu. (The rank should more or less correlate with the age on the scales 2k-6d ~ 12-25 years old.)
-must be able to communicate in English.
-limitation to three players per country.

(You can find more details and explanations on the Academy page. The latter requirements were introduced for the upcoming Season.)

Perhaps this training system has not been properly publicised so far, so many might not know about it. Thus, we are calling for you to look for young and talented players around you and introduce them to the EGF Academy!
Even if they are too young or not strong enough yet, they can find motivation to improve to the required level to enter the EGF Academy.

(We have witnessed radical improvement in players who were aiming for other closely related projects: the CEGO Academic Programme in Beijing, the EGF Pro Qualification, as well as opportunities that arise after one has turned professional, all of which have served as motivational sources for advancing those players' skills at go.)

The (rather symbolic) participation fee of 10€ or 15€ for the EGF Academy can be interpreted as a sort of scholarship for those players.

This is also where the issue comes up that the EGF Academy is not self-sufficient yet. At the beginning of the project, Ge Yuhong Go Academy agreed to kickstart the EGF Academy with a generous two-year sponsorship, from which the teachers and technical expenses are paid.
Now, two years later, we are conducting Season 5 from leftovers of the sponsorship. Our philosophy dictates that the primary income should not come from the young players we are supporting.

However, we believe that many go players want to contribute the go scene in Europe in some way and are not sure how to do that.
Therefore, we are calling on you to assist us in maintaining this project while profiting yourself:

Since the start of the EGF Academy, we have been collecting all the game reviews and recorded lessons to provide them on the website. Thus far we have held 16 Cycles over 4 Seasons, each Cycle providing several recordings from lessons and up to 100 reviews of games played by the students (3 kyu to 7 dan).
We want to share these materials with all players who are looking for a way to improve and at the same time support the training of Europe's next generation of top players. Donating is the easiest way to help us.

To avoid the awkwardness of hesitating over the appropiate amount, we are suggesting to donate 25€ if you want to check out a certain Cycle, or 350€ for all 16 Cycles so far as a full supporter.
You can find example material and further details can on the Academy page by registering an account.

If you can think of other ways to support the EGF Academy, please contact us at academy @!

Thank you very much.
Next Season in EGF Academy starting on 27 March

This article was written by Viktor Lin

Profession: Student, manager of EGF Academy
Born: Vienna, 1992
Country: Austria
EGF rank: 6d
Started playing go: 2004

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