By Yue Li | News | 09.08.2017 17:53 | Comments: 1
Following the first week, ruthless battles on go boards and the feast of friendship amongst hundreds of go enthusiasts continued to occupy the peaceful mountain village of Oberhof. As the Open European Championship entered its “yose” stage, numerous exciting side events continued to take place and brought us many exciting games.  Read more...
By Lorenz Trippel | News | 04.08.2017 10:29 | Comments: 2
This year's general meeting didn't see any contested votes, apart from the one for the selection of the host of the youth championship in 2019. Moscow would get it by a small margin over the Croatian proposal. The board members are elected only every three years, so the next election will be in 2018. Also the selection of the congress didn't take place because the members accepted the proposal of the german federation to select the congress only two years in advance.  Read more...
By Laura Avram | Articles | 31.07.2017 0:15
The European Go Congress is for many European go players the year's highlight go event. A go congress typically consists of playing go for two weeks, watching go lessons, meeting new and old friends and visiting new places. Its location changes every year from Western to Eastern and from Northern to Southern Europe. This year's congress is taking place in Oberhof, Germany between the 21st of July and the 6th of August.  Read more...
By Tony Claasen | News | 26.07.2017 20:49
The first EGF Newsletter has been delivered to almost 200 subscribers worldwide.  Read more...
By Jana Hricova | News | 18.07.2017 18:12 | Comments: 2
After the European Professional Qualification (EPQ) tournament had finished, the next day saw the Moyo Open tournament begin. All players in the EPQ also took part in the Moyo Open. They were joined by Pavol Lisy 1p and Mateusz Surma 1p, who had worked as commentators for the EPQ, the Mitic brothers, some top Czech players, and Schayan Hamrah from Austria. As a result, this edition of the tournament was one of the strongest ever held in its history. The MacMahon bar for the top group, which included 16 players, was set at the level of 5 dan.  Read more...
By Jana Hricova | European Pros | 16.07.2017 17:07
The fourth European Professional Qualification (EPQ) is finally over, and we have to say that this year the competition was extremely tough and very interesting.
The tournament started with a double knock-out phase (the three rounds of this phase were played in Vienna) and ended with a single knock-out phase (the three rounds of the final phase of the competition in Pardubice). The top sixteen European players were ordered according to their ratings at the beginning of the EPQ and a fold pairing system was used - that is the 1st seed is paired with the 16th, the 2nd with the 15th etc. Nevertheless, after two rounds the 2nd seed was eliminated, and the 3rd seed also failed to survive the first phase of the qualification competition. Moreover, both, seeds 1 and 4 each suffered one loss during the first phase which was played in Vienna, and as a result, we arrived at an interesting and unexpected pairing chart for the final phase of the qualification tournament in Pardubice.  Read more...
By Jana Hricova | News | 11.07.2017 5:48 | Comments: 10
The answer will be known this Friday (14th July, 2017) evening.
Sixteen top European players encountered in three preliminary rounds of the European Pro Qualification tournament (EPQ later) in Vienna, from 15 to 16 June, 2017. Namely, Andrii Kravets and Bohdan Zhurakovskyi from Ukraine, Viktor Lin from Austria, Lukas Podpera from the Czech Republic, Cornel Burzo and Cristian Gabriel Pop from Romania, Rob van Zeijst from the Netherlands, Csaba Mero from Hungary, Jonas Welticke, Lukas Kramer and Benjamin Teuber from Germany, Oscar Vazquez from Spain, Tangue le Calve and Benjamin Drean-Guenaizia from France, Stanislaw Freljak from Poland and Timur Sankin from Russia. Eight of them managed to score two wins, thus qualified for a final stage of the EPQ which will be held in Pardubice, 13-14 July, 2017.  Read more...
By Ali Jabarin | European Pros | 22.06.2017 12:15
Last week, for the first time, a European team participated in the Chinese C league...  Read more...
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