By Laura Avram | International | 19.06.2017 16:08
The Vienna International Tournament took place on the 17th and 18th of June in the city's outskirts at one of Vienna's schools for tourism. Do you think that a beautiful Saturday would be enough to persuade the bravest of go players to go to the lake or next to the Danube to swim instead of coming to the go tournament? Only fools maybe! Over 60 players came to Vienna from all over Europe and didn't let themselves blinded by the beautiful illusion of summer. (And a good decision it was, since the rain decided to show them fools). The tournament started with the hope of the strong players to beat Kim Seong-Jin, who has been defeated only by Oh Chi Min since his arrival in Europe. Would anyone be successful?   Read more...
By Viktor Lin | International | 12.06.2017 12:58 | Comments: 3
The 38th World Amateur Go Championship, held at Sheraton Hotel in Guiyang, China from 2 to 9 June, concluded with the flawless victory of the Chinese representative Bai Baoxiang 8d.
This year, the competition for the runner-up places was extremely close. No one scored 7 victories, so the SOS tiebreaker played a big role in the distribution of the following places.  Read more...
By Laura Avram | International | 27.02.2017 20:04
The World Student OZA Championship took place last week week at the Ginza Internet Forum in Tokyo. It was the 15th edition so far and 16 players from all over the world competed over4 rounds in order to decide the world's best student go player.  Read more...
By Laura Avram | International | 17.02.2017 11:31
In a small town in the Carpathian mountains, almost 30 years ago, among other children and teenagers, there were two who got to define the way in which go would develop later in Europe. Their go teacher was a mathematician who to this very day still teaches children in the same little town. Did I catch your attention?   Read more...
By Fabian Bambusch | International | 04.01.2017 22:58 | Comments: 2
DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis has confirmed via Twitter just now that mysterious Tygem user Master(P) who managed an amazing 60-0 winning streak against professionals is none other than go AI AlphaGo itself.
By Viktor Lin | International | 26.12.2016 14:49
The Kansai Ki-in will host the 5th annual Osaka Go Camp 25 June to 13 July, 2017. The second Japan Go Congress will be held 14-17 July. This year more than 80 participated in the camp and 300 attended the congress. Both events are open for all levels, from beginner to 7 dan.  Read more...
By Laura Avram | International | 12.12.2016 15:51 | Comments: 2
The 27th International Amateur Pair Go Championship took place in Tokyo on the 3rd and 4th December 2016 at the same time as the 3rd World Students Pair Go Championship and the JAPG Cup (the latter being a tournament only for Japanese players). Having now arrived at the 27th edition, it can be said that it's one of the longest running international go tournaments  Read more...
By Laura Avram | International | 11.12.2016 23:06 | Comments: 1
This year, together with three more European players, I had the pleasure to participate in the 3rd edition of the World Students Pair Go Championship in Japan. The event took place on the 3rd and 4th December 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.  Read more...
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