By Pavol Lisy | News | 02.02.2017 21:48
The Olomouc International Tournament 2017 was held on the weekend of 27th-28th January in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The pleasant venue and great prize fund attracted 97 players from 9 countries. Eight players, who were 5 dan or stronger, from Czechia, Austria, Hungary and Poland participated in the tournament, which made it a pretty big competition.  Read more...
By Marika Dubiel | News | 01.02.2017 10:37 | Comments: 5
Ten players received money prizes after the finals of the Dutch Championship. The Dutch champion was undefeated. The female champion is still unknown. Find the story, the photos and the games from the last weekend in this report.  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | News | 03.01.2017 18:06 | Comments: 10
In order to celebrate the upcoming new TYGEM mobile app this February and the new desktop client this July, TYGEM is pleased to announce a historical event: a competition between Kim Seung-Jun and EGF Pros!  Read more...
By Marika Dubiel | News | 01.01.2017 14:05
Not only the year 2016 ended yesterday, but also the 43rd London Open Go Congress. This article highlights the interesting facts and results from the last days of 2016 in London.  Read more...
By Lorenz Trippel | News | 21.12.2016 22:10 | Comments: 21
After the organizers of both proposed locations got together and decided to give more time for the selection of the host of the EGC 2017 the board of the EGF stepped back from it's decision to give it to Sochi. The member consultation was done in a short just one week time from 10 to 19 December.  Read more...
By Lorenz Trippel | News | 10.12.2016 15:12 | Comments: 16
Both organiser teams improved their proposals in order to have a fair objective selection of the next congress place in 2017. Members can cast their vote from 10th to 19th December by email to the EGF secretary. Each country's vote will be weighted as it is done in the general assembly, small countries have 1 vote, countries with more members up to 4 votes.  Read more...
By Lorenz Trippel | News | 04.12.2016 18:08 | Comments: 56
The feedback for the decision to give the congress to last year's organiser to hold it in Sochi in 2017 was quite a bit flooding the comment section here on the EGF webpage but of course not only here the decision was widely discussed! Now the organising teams of the russian and german go federation came together with the EGF president to find a solution to the difficult situation.  Read more...
By Lorenz Trippel | News | 27.11.2016 11:51 | Comments: 172
Following the recommendation of the EGF board the turkish organizing committee stepped back last week. In the meantime the EGF board managed to find two alternatives one from Germany (Oberhof) and one from Russia (Sochi). The board decided to give the congress 2017 to Russia, Sochi  Read more...
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European Pro Qualification
Rounds 4-6, EGF Announcement
Pardubice Festival
European Championship
61st European Go Congress
European Women's Championship
European Student Championship
Amstelveen tournament
40th Belgrade Open
32nd Brussels Tournament
20th Mannheim Go Open Autumn
European Pair Go Championship
10th Strasbourg international tournament
62nd European Go Congress

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