By Pavol Lisy | News | 20.03.2017 22:41
This week-end, on 18th – 19th March, the Niš Open was held in the City of Niš, Serbia. The event was organized as a celebration of the 45th anniversary of the Niš Go Club and as was promised in the invitation, it really was a week-end of the tournament, with gifts, prizes, and parties, all while playing go. Therefore, this big event attracted 73 players from 14 countries.
By Viktor Lin | News | 16.03.2017 19:58
Season 5 of the EGF Academy is about to start on 27 March. Having restructured some parts of the EGF Academy, we are recruiting new students and calling for supporters who want to profit while contributing!  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | News | 05.03.2017 19:29 | Comments: 3
On the weekend of 04-05 March, The Irish Confucius Cup was held in Dublin, Ireland. Tournaments in Go, Chinese Chess and Chess were combined together to make this big event, as well as other activities such as commentary by professional players and simultaneous games. Thanks to the generous sponsorship and good organizers, everything was well prepared, the ambiance during the tournament was really enjoyable and it was all happening in the very nice venue in the heart of Dublin’s city center.   Read more...
By Viktor Lin | News | 27.02.2017 1:12 | Comments: 1
Accompanying the European Youth Go Championship 2017 in Grenoble, the TIGGRE (Tournoi International de Go Grenoble) was held simultaneously from 18 to 19 February, also known as the 1st edition of the Ellie Cup. This tournament was sponsored by Hwang In-seong and the European Yonguseng Dojang and named after his newborn daughter.  Read more...
By Dominique Cornuejols | News | 22.02.2017 17:14 | Comments: 2
With 220 children coming from 18 different countries and more than 150 parents and team supporters, the EYGC was already in itself a huge event. But the addition of the International Grenoble Tournament (TIGGRE – Ellie Cup), which also attracted 80 participants, the presence of go professionals (Hayashi Sensei 6P coming from Japan, Catalin Taranu 5P, Ilya Shikshin 1P and Mateusz Surma 1P), of very strong Korean players (In-seong Hwang, Chi-min Oh, Seong-jin Kim) and of our invited guest Yumi Hotta, scenarist of the manga Hikaru no Go, transformed this event into quite an exceptional gathering.  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | News | 02.02.2017 21:48
The Olomouc International Tournament 2017 was held on the weekend of 27th-28th January in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The pleasant venue and great prize fund attracted 97 players from 9 countries. Eight players, who were 5 dan or stronger, from Czechia, Austria, Hungary and Poland participated in the tournament, which made it a pretty big competition.  Read more...
By Marika Dubiel | News | 01.02.2017 10:37 | Comments: 5
Ten players received money prizes after the finals of the Dutch Championship. The Dutch champion was undefeated. The female champion is still unknown. Find the story, the photos and the games from the last weekend in this report.  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | News | 03.01.2017 18:06 | Comments: 10
In order to celebrate the upcoming new TYGEM mobile app this February and the new desktop client this July, TYGEM is pleased to announce a historical event: a competition between Kim Seung-Jun and EGF Pros!  Read more...
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