By Daniela Trinks | News | 15.10.2016 2:44
About 40 teachers from 15 countries gathered for the ‘Seminar on Didactics of Strategic Games’ at Cambridge University, sharing their expertise on teaching Go, chess and other games at schools. A variety of relevant topics were covered such as learning psychology, teaching methods & materials, business models of educational programs, marketing and research. For example, Prof. Barry Hymer (University of Cumbria in Lancaster) introduced new studies on learners’ mindsets, and their implications on teaching methods. Alessandro Dominici talked about his Chess teaching project and how he managed to apply successfully for ERASMUS funds. Rita Atkins addressed important issues related to accrediting chess teachers. Paul Barchilon from the American Go Foundation (AGF) presented their great work of supporting Go teachers in the US, as well as his own experiences as a very enthusiastic Go teacher and American Go Association (AGA) organiser of youth activities for years.  Read more...
By Fabian Bambusch | News | 05.10.2016 22:25
Lukas Krämer 6d won in the German Go Championship last weekend, defending his title from last year. Zhang Yi 5d is vice champion.  Read more...
By Laura Avram | News | 28.09.2016 13:31
The first edition of the European Student Team Championship took place on the 8th and 9th of September 2016 in the city of Petrozavodsk, in Russia, alongside with the Russian Student Championship and the All-Russia Karelia Cup. In the last couple of years the student championships became more and more popular: right now there is a European Student Go Championship, a European Student Team Go Championship, an online European Student Team Go Championship, the World Student OZA Go Championship, a World Collegiate Student Go Championship and a World Pair Student Go Championship, to name a few.  Read more...
By Laura Avram | News | 28.09.2016 11:03
The European Student Go Championship took place this year on the 24th and 25th September in Amstelveen at the European Go Cultural Centre. Five rounds, each with a thinking time of 1 hour main time and 15 stones/5 minutes byo-yomi, were played in order to decide the European Student Champion.  Read more...
By Laura Avram | News | 04.09.2016 16:08
The Moravian Go Open, best known among Go players as the Brno tournament, took place between the September 2nd and 4th. The tournament took place for the 15th at Santon Hotel.   Read more...
By Laura Avram | News | 22.08.2016 21:40 | Comments: 1
The European Women Go Championship took place this year on the 20th and 21st of August in Belgium, in the charming city of Antwerp, once a prominent port. The event took place in a modern, lively youth hostel in the city centre, which provided an excellent opportunity to promote the game. The big banner placed by the entrance informed the travellers about the event.  Read more...
By Tony Atkins | News | 20.08.2016 12:38
The European Women's Go Championship 2016 was held in Antwerp, Belgium, on 20th and 21st August. It was played at the Pulcinella Youth Hostel.

By Tony Atkins | News | 06.08.2016 20:14
The 60th European Go Congress closed in St Petersburg with the closing cermony on Saturday 6th August, just after the end of the European Open. Of the 597 players in this Kim Young-Sam, 7d Korea, was the best taking the Open title on tie break.  Read more...
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