Team of Fudan University

Number 1
Name Huang Ruiqiao (黄睿乔)
Rank 3d
My name is Huang Ruiqiao. I am 10 years old. I have a lot of hobbies: drawing, basketball, table tennis, fencing, badminton. Of course, the most interesting is studying Go and I spend the most time on it. I have started learning Go when I was four. It has accompanied me exactly six years. Each week, rain, hail or shine, I take Go lessons. It helped me to learn deep thinking and being persistent. I am sure that in the future studying and in life Go will bring me even more inspiration and joy!

Number 2
Name Xiao Tianchen (肖天辰)
Rank 4d

My name is Xiao Tianchen. I study in a preparatory class at the Jincai Senlan Experimental School in the Pudong New District in Shanhhai. I am a cheerful and active boy. I have a wide range of hobbies. I like to read books, play the piano, play football, do handwork and play Go. I came in touch with Go only in 2015. In 2016 I entered the Blue Elephant School. Under the devoted guidance of teacher Li and teacher Zhang I have got more and more interested in Go, the little black and white stones and the countless changes on the board. Each day playing two games after school has been the most joyful part of my life. Go has trained my memory and deduction skills. It improved my analysis and setback skills and increased my self-confidence. I have already obtained the 4 dan title and now I put a lot of efforts to become 5 dan.

Number 3
Name Tang Xinhao (唐鑫昊)
Rank 5d

Hello everyone, I am Tang Xinhao. In September 2014 I was introduced to teacher Jing Ding and I joined the Blue Elephant School where I started studying Go. Under the dedicated guidance of the teacher I fell deeply in love with Go. On the 28th of November 2014 I took my first proficiency exam in Go. On the 24th of January 2016 I became a shodan. In September 2017 after reaching 4 dan I needed to choose a junior high school and, as a result, I stopped studying Go. However, I remained enthusiastic about the game. I kept playing whenever I had free time and whenever I had questions I was asking teachers for explanations. Furthermore, in September 2018 I started taking Go classes and in the first semester I managed to pass the exam for the 5 dan title. All these successes I owe not only to my love towards Go and efforts put into training, but also to the generous guidance of teacher Zhang. Thank you!

Number 4
Name Cheng Anyuan (程安远)
Rank 5d
I am a 2017 undergraduate in the Department of Chemistry. I served as the president of the Fudan University Go Association from 2018 to 2019. I won the 2019 "Department Cup" Fudan University Go Tournament and represented Fudan University in the Shanghai University Go League.

Number 5
Name Weng Jingting (翁靖霆)
Rank 5d

Number 6
Name Xue Yushan (薛羽珊)
Rank 5d

Number 7
Name Zhang Liheng (张力恒)
Rank 5d

I am an undergraduate at 2019 medical school. I started to learn Weiqi at the age of 5 and won the title of amateur 5 dan at the age of 11. Weiqi has been my best friend for many years, and it is through Weiqi that I have gotten closer to people from all over the world and even unknown people.

I once represented this city in the Provincial Games and achieved second place in the team. I am currently active in Weiqi competitions between Fudan University and the other universities.

Number 8
Name Wang Zhiyuan (王致远)
Rank 5d

I am a 2018 undergraduate in economics and management. I started to learn Weiqi when I was 6 years old. I won the title of Amateur 5 dan at the age of 10. I am currently the president of the Fudan University Weiqi Association. Go has broadened my horizons, and I hope to take this opportunity to make friends with more European Weiqi players~

Number 9
Name Tao Jingxu (陶净栩)
Rank 5d

Number 10
Name Cui Yuhan (崔予涵)
Rank 5d

Number 11
Name Shi Rui (施瑞)
Rank 5d