Mysterious Tygem user Master(P) turns out to be AlphaGo
By Fabian Bambusch | International | 04.01.2017 22:58| Views: 8710 | Comments: 2
In the last few days of 2016 a then unknown user made quite the splash on the Korean Tygem go server and on the Chinese Fox go server. This user went by the name of Master(P) and Magister(P), respectively, and was able to pull off a win streak of 41 by the end of the year and 60 at the time of writing. Among the opponents were very strong professionals like Shi Yue 9p, Kang Dongyun 9p, Nie Weiping 9p and even Korea's top player Park Jungwhan 9p as well as China's top players Gu Li 9p and Ke Jie 9p eagerly played and lost against Master(P). We should note here that all these games were played with fast time settings.

The more wins Master(P) was able to achieve, the more apparent was the suspicion that this must be a go software in disguise. So it came as no surprise when Deepmind CEO Demis Hassabis confirmed the rumor and stated on Twitter that, indeed, AlphaGo was behind it all along. An improved prototype of the software was being tested, he said, and will be ready to play more official, full-length games in the future.
AlphaGo was able to win a best of 5 match against Lee Sedol 9p last year.

Here is the full quote posted on Twitter:
The following is a selection of three games as SGF files and the whole 60 games compilation for you to download here (compiled by /newsp/files/AlphaGo//

AlphaGo vs. Ke Jie 9p

Download Sgf-File
Mysterious Tygem user Master(P) turns out to be AlphaGo
Ivan Pesotsky
05.01.2017 3:20
Unfortunately, Demis didn't mention what kind of hardware was used in this case. Was it, perchance, a single machine AlphaGo? Or was it a small cluster? Or was it the same full scale distributed version like that which played against Lee Sedol?
Marcel Grünauer
05.01.2017 11:14
I've collected the games and cleaned up the SGF markup and filenames. The filenames also reflect the order in which the games were played, so it's easy to refer to "game 14" or "game 57", for example. It's at .
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