European Pro Qualification
By Nicholas Roussos | News | 11.02.2023 20:12| Views: 4259 | Comments: 1
In less than two weeks (24-26 February) the European Pro Qualification is taking place in Brno, Czech Republic. Eight players compete to win European Pro status.

Below is the pairing for the Quarterfinals (best of three), resulting from the draw which was held on Friday, 10 February:

1. Cornel Burzo -- Benjamin Teuber
2. Lukas Podpera -- Elian Grigoriu
3. Jan Prokop -- Dominik Boviz
4. Oscar Vazquez -- Jan Simara
16.02.2023 11:57
Aren't we missing a few players here? There are at least 15 other players with higher GoR, than the lowest ones here, some of which showed interest in this before...

Anyway, I hope for an exciting tournament!
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