Ilya Shikshin is 60th European Champion
By Tony Atkins | News | 01.08.2016 11:05| Views: 5872 | Comments: 1
Ilya Shikshin is 60th European Champion
Ilya Shikshin won the 60th European Championship by beating Ali Jabarin in the final at the EGC in St Petersburg. This was Ilya's fourth time of winning the champion's title, following on from Fan Hui's run of three titles. This makes Ilya the third most successful European player, behind Guo Juan and Alexandr Dinerchstein, in the list of all titles won. Lucas Podpera took third place by beating Mateusz Surma in the play-off.

At the same time the 458-player Weekend Tournament was being won by Kim Young-Sam, 7d Korea, ahead of Pavel Lisy, Andrii Kravets, Lee Ki-Bong and Kim Do-Hyup. Kim Young-Sam had earlier in the week won the Pair Go partnered with Manja Marz.
06.08.2016 18:32
Since 1957 I count 4 titles for Ilya Shikshin, Guo Juan, Wichard von Alvensleben, Matthew Macfadyen and more than 4 titles for Alexander Dinerstein (7) and Jürgen Mattern (8). So in the list of all titles won Ilya indeed seems to be at third place (tied with 3 other players), but first is Jürgen Mattern, second is Alexander Dinerstein.
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