Member consultation for next host of the European go congress
By Lorenz Trippel | News | 10.12.2016 15:12| Views: 6405 | Comments: 16
Both organiser teams improved their proposals in order to have a fair objective selection of the next congress place in 2017. Members can cast their vote from 10th to 19th December by email to the EGF secretary [email protected]. Each country's vote will be weighted as it is done in the general assembly, small countries have 1 vote, countries with more members up to 4 votes. Only official representatives members of the countries go federation are allowed to cast their vote. It's not an official voting but a consultative survey which outcome will have to be confirmed by the EGF board by a 2/3 majority.
We want to encourage you to ask questions to both or each of the organiser teams here in the comment section! If you are an official representative of your country's association you can also reach out to them by email. The questions won't be answered one by one but collected and answered in a separate document published here or sent on the EGF members mailinglist.
Member consultation for next host of the European go congress
Ivan Pesotsky
10.12.2016 15:34
In Obrhof's proposal it is stated that EGF adds a certain sum to the prize pool. Does that mean the same sum will be added to Sochi's prize pool too?
Jana Hricova
10.12.2016 16:58
@ Ivan Pesotsky:
Yes, EGF guarantees that 10000 EUR for next three consecutive EGCs (top 8 prizes). That money were also promised to Turkey.
Peter Dijkema
13.12.2016 3:42
Dear Reader,

I hope that everyone who agrees with my arguments will urge his national board to vote for Oberhof. I explain the action I took first. The arguments get clear.this way.

Before EGC reconsidered its discussion and borrowed my idea of free voting,
I already set up 1st the European Free Go Hosts, next the 1st European Free, inviting people for full month of July to a title fight of nine rounds on conconsecutive days and accepted already a full bus with kids from Kiev and one with their parents through my friend Natalia Kijewska (nomen est omen)..

Next I set up another month of August for them, on their way back, in Poland, creating a big birthday party for myself there, probably near Stoczek Lukowski.
I was too busy too worry about EGF's worries.
I only tried to avoid 'head-to-head-collitions' on the calendar.

In these three weeks I took all major decisions on my own, as no one wanted to help. Last week I re-started to invite friends to execute specific tasks. All's done. Pff...

Finally tonight, I got curious again! Where is Oberhof? Haha, just as I thought, exactly halfway Nijmegen (NL) and my place in Poland - which is at the countrside along the railway track from Hook of Holland to Vladivostok, simpler said: from Berlin to Moscow,
(Oh, irony of fate!) ... In fact 80 km east of Warsaw at my former grandmother-in-law.

Very convenient for everyone who wants to take part in two or three of these Summer Go events. We will travel together by bus to keep costs low and all energy at ease.
Especially all those on a small budget (young ones, students, those two busses from Kiev, and myself. My both events will be extreme.yl cheap and still offer the best food, fun and drinks you were ever served at EGC's. My secret is copying the formula of Dutch Summer- and WinterGo: if you can't cook, you'll clean, as we are self catering.- and almost all will be camping at the playing premices.

Included is a full entertainment program with Go-songs, dance and music, quizzes, fashion-shows, miss-, mister- and pair-elections and whatever participants propose and vote in by one (wo)man one vote. Moms vote for babies.
Women will be in power, finally! Mostly because I invited much more fine female friends (from France, Poland) than men

In these three weeks I got used to that no-one believed me, even most good friends.
So surely you will not believe our eyes. Look at my budgetted costs for participants: .
--- Yearly membership 50 euri, Congress fee 50 euri
--- Food & lodging 25 euri per dobe ---- For a full month: 500 euri pp

--- Reductions for young players, students and members of the organizing team
--- Surcharges for people making more mone than the minimum income
to fill funds for the very poor, pro's from Asia unable to afford the flights.
and buying materias which we will use every event: sets, clocks, roofed tables
and benches, tents, showers, toilets, stalls, sidewalks, transporters, IT @ media stuff: (wide)screens, printers, cameras , PA-system & inhouse printing of ID-badges, bags, T-shirts, Go-dailies and weeklies,

Amsterdam, 13/12/16 --- Poet PETER, founder of EFGH
richard mullens
18.12.2016 17:46
I think that Peter Dijkema is on to something with his European Free Go Hosts, though I disagree with his vote suggestion for Oberhof [we will soon hear the result - if only we could have multiple votes for Brexit until we get the right result for that too ;) ]

I have been to Zomergo several times (Wintergo conflicts with the London Open) and it seems to me that for families and the less well off (young people) the EGF has dropped the ball - choosing instead to prioritise the interests of strong players and well heeled Asian backers.

I realise that there is no perfect venue. Most of all I liked Prague the best - the accommodation was so well priced that nearly everyone could afford it - and those that couldn't were able to sleep in the school gymnasium. In effect everyone was together and the result was that it was strongly attended. We even I think got a coachload of Lithuanian (I think it was) girls attending !
Michael Marz
19.12.2016 12:13
Richard, please let me disagree with your remark that the EGF dropped the ball wrt. families attending the EGC.
Obviously, some congress are more suitable for families than others. But on the whole, EGCs are family friendly. As a father of three children I know what I am talking about.
Prices for accommodation are obviously one thing, but not just for families. I am aware that all congress organisers try to find cheep accommodation and usually succeed in doing so. Admittedly, the 'standard' hotel (e.g. Azimut in St. Petersburg, Babylon in Liberec, Ramada in Sibiu,...) could turn out to be too costy for some potential visiting families, but there are usually cheep options nearby. Talking about the 2017 options, just have a look at the proposals. Accommodation prices will not be an issue for families.
The other thing is child care. I remember dessignated playing areas for children in Olsztyn, Bonn and Leksand with qualified adults looking after the children while their parents could play in the tournaments. Hotel Bablyon in Liberec was a big playing ground itself and my children loved it! (The best congress ever if you asked my 10-year old son.) The Panorama Hotel in Oberhof has huge playing areas and child care provided, a swimming pool and an Aquapark within walking distance, Sochi has a big amusement park nearby and many other attractions for children. Whatever option it will be, 2017 will be a very family friendly congress!
The attendance of huge Lithuanian crowds (not just girls!) was not restricted to Prag, and it was an initiative of Olaf Martens, the president at the time. This could as well happen any time again.
richard mullens
19.12.2016 16:56
Michael, Ok You make some fair points about the suitability of recent events for families which I hadn't considered. I had been thinking of the rock bottom prices at Marseille and Prague which were affordable for almost all pockets and where two of my boys entered the main tournament.
It is certainly the case that creche facilities will help those with very young children for whom attendance is perhaps most difficult and older children will appreciate attractions like swimming pools - in fact I too would have appreciated the swimming pool at Groningen, but opted instead for the camp site which was about €40 a night cheaper for a single person (€560 for 2 weeks) as by then my children had grown up.
I see that Brussels is pencilled in for 2019, but there are a number of cheap sites along the Belgian coast that might be suitable for families and even at 21 I remember hiring pedal cars in Ostend that could be taken on the beach. Of course I won't mind if there is the opportunity to go carousing in the bars that border the Grand Place (Grote Markt) in Brussels.
richard mullens
19.12.2016 17:17
Maybe I am wrong, but I have a feeling that the accommodation provided at Marseille and Prague would no longer be considered suitable for an EGC but perhaps I just selected the least salubrious option at those events.
Michael Marz
19.12.2016 21:38
The four EGCs from 2014 to 2017 were/will be EGCs in a hotel.
From 2000 to 2013 there was only one hotel congress in Groningen. All others were at universities, schools, gyms, clubs etc.
It will change though in Pisa and Brussels, if I understand this correctly.
20.12.2016 13:33
What´s the result of the poll?
Ingo Althöfer
20.12.2016 14:07
I told it already in another thread:
The GErman Go public was informed that the decision will be made public around Thursday. (It was not a simple counting poll; but the national federations gave their opinions - and the EGF directors will make the final decision.)

Ingo Althöfer
20.12.2016 15:23
Now I read the text once more: The EGF board has to confirm the voting by the national federations with a 2/3 majority. Is it right that the board consists of 7 members? If so, this would mean that a 5-vs-2 majority
would be needed. What happens in case of a 4:3 or in case that the board does not follow the national votes?

Ivan Alexandrovitch Pesotsky
20.12.2016 17:36
Highly unlikely, I think what you see in the text is just a description of the formal procedure. The board is supposed to unanimously approve the result of the consultative voting.
Tobias Berben
21.12.2016 14:08
December 19th has passed, what is the result?

Kind regards, Tobias Berben
Ingo Althöfer
21.12.2016 14:38
Tobias, you will be able to read it in the next issue of "Deutsche Go-Zeitung". That should be early enough :-)

Tobias Berben
21.12.2016 15:20
Ingo, for sure not, as you could know. It can only be published in next DGoZ, IF I know about it, of course. Therefor I ask ...
Ingo Althöfer
21.12.2016 17:15
Tobias, when you have a timing problem, do the following: glue the stamps (on the magazine envelopes) upside down, when the EGC is in Oberhof and normally, when Sochi is chosen.