SEYGO Tour 2021 starts online
By Damir Medak | News | 12.05.2021 10:27| Views: 1677
After finishing the 25th European Youth Go Championships in March 2020, the go-tournaments in Europe (and the rest of the world) were mostly organized as on-line events. In 2021, it was not possible to held European Youth Go Championships, even as a part of European Go Congress in August 2021, since the Congress has been cancelled as well.

Therefore, the international SEYGO Team is announcing the SEYGO Tour 2021 as a series of go-tournaments starting in virtual environment, with the hope that at least some events will be played "face-to-face".

(*) Please note that it is not easy to predict the travelling conditions within Europe in October or November 2021. 

  • Stage 1: Online Go Server, June 8-13, 2021
  • Stage 2: "live" at Summer Go Festival, Zaostrog, Croatia, July 11-18, 2021
  • Stage 3: "live" in Vatra Dornei, end of August 2021
  • Stage 4: "live" in France or on Online Go Server, begin of November 2021 (*)
  • Stage 5: "live" in Switzerland or on Online Go Server, end of November 2021 (*)
There are not so many changes compared to the SEYGO Tour Online held in 2020. Here is the SEYGO_Tour_2021_Guide. We decided that the entry fee for single events will be slightly changed in order to reflect probability that stronger players get the prize (voucher):

  • single event: dan players - 20 EUR, single-digit-kyu players - 15 EUR, double-digit-kyu players - 10 EUR
  • subscription for 4 events: dan players - 50 EUR, single-digit-kyu players - 40 EUR, double-digit-kyu players - 30 EUR
In addition, the age groups will be different as well: since the U20 group was really small, we will organize SEYGO Tour 2021 in two age groups: U12 and U18. Players who are 19 or 20 years old can exceptionally join the group U18 if they want to play.
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