European Youth Go Yearbook 2019

European Youth Go Yearbook 2019

A big word of thanks to Lanke Institute who kindly supported the project, making the printing of the first books possible

The 140 pages of the Yearbook feature:

  • Coverage of the SEYGO Tour with in depth review of each of its five stages in Vatra Dornei, Jena, Zaostrog, Vienna and Lausanne during 2019.
  • Interviews with the youth talents and upcoming stars Ovsiienko Vselovod, Dragos Boldeanu, Oscar Vazquez, Anton Chernykh, Anna Melnyk, Olesia Malko, Davide Bernardis, Polina Krushelnytska and Elian Grigoriu.
  • Go Through the Eyes of Youth a chapter which shows not just how the youth see Go, but also what they feel about it.
  • Interview with Viktor Lin, the EGF Academy manager, and Stanislaw Frejlak as volunteer for tsumego competitions and homework for youth.
  • Country reports from Romania, United Kingdom, Croatia, Germany, Ukraine, and France.
  • Coverage of the European Youth Go Championship 2019 and an interview with the U20 winner.
  • Stories and heart touching memories.
  • Detailed and easy to follow reviews of the semi-finals and finals of the U12, U16 and U20 categories of the tournaments by:
    • Catalin Taranu 5p
    • Alexander Dinerstein 3p
    • Mateusz Surma 2p
    • Ali Jabarin 2p
    • Andrii Kravets 1p
    • Sinan Djepov 5d

    The European Youth Go Yearbook was written by Sinan Djepov 5d, who was the European U20 Youth Go Champion in 2018 and is also a creator of the ExploreBaduk project which will soon be re-launched with its new version.

    For a preview of the book, please take a look at these two teasers:

Paper book:
A limited paper edition of the European Youth Go Yearbook 2019 will be on sale at several events: TIGGRE - Ellie Cup (Grenoble), European Youth Go Championship 2020 (Stubicke Toplice - Zagreb), 64th European Go Congress (Kamyanets-Podilskyi) or at all SEYGO 2020 events(upcoming announcement).

Other book:
Sinan also wrote a book about his experience in China: "Go Studies: A History of Adventure". In the book, one can find discussions around new opening ideas and joseki sequences, trick plays, in depth discussions around Artificial Intelligence move choices and much more. Overall, the reader can get a glimpse of what it means to seriously study Go in China in the 21st Century. You can download the book for free: Go-Studies-A-History-of-Adventure.pdf
Seygo Yearbook as PDF for €6,99 EUR