The 2nd Zhu Gang Cup in Guangzhou
By Pavol Lisy | International | 07.11.2015 13:04 | Views: 2585
The 2nd Zhu Gang Cup in Guangzhou
The second Jin LONG CHENG Cup World Team Go Championship (Zhu Gang Cup) will be held from the 15th of December until the 23rd of December 2015. The venue will be Bai Yun Hotel (International 5-star business hotel), Guangzhou, China.
The registration is open for every country and each of them can nominate one team that consists of three players. Chinese rules are applied for the competition. The total amount of prizes will be 5.000.000 RMB.
This tournament is a great opportunity to play against the best players in the world and as the prize pool is very big, there is also a chance to win some prizes even for teams that do not get to the final stage. 

Prize for amateur group (teams that do not get into semifinals)

The 1st place: 100,000RMB (winning 3 rounds)

The 2nd place: 50,000RMB (winning 2 rounds)

The 3rd place: 30,000RMB (winning 1 rounds)

Detailed information:
Regulations of the 2nd Jin Longcheng Cup World Team Go Championship

An update: (12th of November)
Ameteur team is a team where one or no professionals play. Teams with two or more professionals in the team do not count as amateur teams.
Regulations of the 2nd Jin Longcheng Cup World Team Go Championship

The registration fee that includes accommodation and food is 550 RMB (approximately 80 EUR). It is possible not to pay the full entry fee, see more obtions in the update. ↓
Update for the Regulations of the 2nd Jin Longcheng Cup

Registration will be closed on 30th of November.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the EGF Board.
For registrations, Marika Dubiel is responsible. Please contact her, if you want to register.

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