By Pavol Lisy | International | 02.03.2016 13:02
The 1st International Mind Sports Association Elite Mind Games is starting today with an Opening Ceremony. The competition takes place in Huaian, China. The games begin tomorrow with Men's Team Competition and Women's individual Competition, continuing with Pair Go competition, that will finish on 3rd of March. That is a full one week of games to watch! The representatives of Europe are...  Read more...
By Viktor Lin | International | 05.01.2016 17:05
The 1st Japan Go Congress will be held from 15 to 18 July 2016, in Takarazuka, Japan, and organised by the Kansai Ki-in.  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | International | 28.12.2015 14:14 | Comments: 1
In September, we introduced students who were chosen to take part in the 3rd Edition of the CEGO Academic Training System 2015/2016. Now we are offering to you a few interesting stories about their life in Beijing.  Read more...
By Tony Atkins | International | 15.12.2015 15:25
Jeon Yujin and Song Hongsuk of Korea won the 21st International Amateur Pair Go Championships in Tokyo. Both the European Championship Pair (Rita Pocsai and Pal Balogh) and the Russian pair (Natalia Kovaleva and Dmitry Surin) won three games to take 8th and 14th place respectively.  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | International | 29.11.2015 17:55 | Comments: 1
The 10th Korea Prime Minister Cup Baduk Championship, the unofficial world amateur championship, was held from November 23rd to November 25th in Seoul, South Korea. One of the representatives of Europe, Christian Pop 7 dan from Romania, became third!  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | International | 24.11.2015 16:17
We would like to announce that The 20th Pandanet Cup, Internet World Amateur Go Tournament, will be held on pandanet from 18 Dec 2015 to 28 Feb 2016. The registration is already open and it is free of charge!  Read more...
By Pavol Lisy | International | 07.11.2015 13:04
The second Jin LONG CHENG Cup World Team Go Championship (Zhu Gang Cup) will be held from the 15th of December until the 23rd of December 2015. The venue will be Bai Yun Hotel, Guangzhou, China.
The registration is open for every country. Each country can nominate one team that consists of three players. Chinese rules are applied for the competition. The total amount of prizes will be 5.000.000 RMB. The registration is until 30th of November.  Read more...
By Viktor Lin | International | 27.10.2015 18:59 | Comments: 1
The Sankei Tournament, sponsored by Sankei newspaper, is held annually by Kansai Ki-in in Osaka. Pros and amateurs compete in separate preliminaries to qualify to the main tournament.

At last year's Sankei Tournament, the two EGF pros who participated caused an uproar in the preliminaries...  Read more...
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