1st Bratislava Kedros Cup
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The 1st Bratislava Kedros Cup was held on the weekend of 10th-11th March 2018 in the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava. 

11 years after the final Bratislava Casino tournament took place, Bratislava once again welcomed strong European players. Altogether, the tournament attracted 51 players from 10 countries, including two professional players Ali Jabarin, 1p from Israel and Pavol Lisy, 1p from Slovakia. Apart from them, there were other strong players such as Nikola Mitic, 7dan from Serbia, Lukas Podpera, 7dan from Czech Republic and others.

The competition took place in the Canadian Bilingual Institute which is located in the city center of Bratislava. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from IT company Kedros, the organizers could afford playing rooms which were nice and comfortable, a snack bar for players and a total prize pool of 1000 €.

View from the playing place
View from the venue - Bratislava city center

Since the top group consisted of 8 players, in Round 3, there were just 2 unbeaten players. Ali Jabarin, who beat Nikola Mitic in a game played in Round 2 and Lukas Podpera who beat Pavol Lisy on board 2.

Ali Jabarin - 1 dan pro

After Lukas Podpera's win over Ali Jabarin it was likely for Lukas to become the champion of the tournament. In Round 4 he confirmed his good shape and beat Stanislaw Frejlak, 6 dan from Poland by 3,5 points.

Lukáš Podpěra - 7 dan

Because the first tie-breaker between 2 players was the result of their head-to-head game , it was clear after 4 rounds that Lukas was already assured 1st place. Because of that, instead of the 1st board the 2nd board was broadcast online, where Pavol Lisy played against Ali Jabarin for 2nd place.

Ali Jabarin - 1 dan pro vs. Pavol Lisy - 1 dan pro

It was a typical territory versus influence game, in which this time Pavol made more points with his Black influence.

Final results:
1. Lukas Podpera - 7 dan
2. Pavol Lisy - 1 dan pro
3. Ali Jabarin - 1 dan pro

Full results

The first board was broadcasted online on KGS (under nickname BratKedros) with more than 100 observers per game.
1st Bratislava Kedros Cup
15.03.2018 10:58
Cool tournament, nice report, amazing games!
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