6th European Professional Championship Starts Soon
By Artem Kachanovskyi | European Pros | 07.06.2023 13:13| Views: 8158 | Comments: 2

After a two-year break, the European Professional Championship is back! Its sixth edition will take place on the OGS on June 21st - 25th and the games will be commented live by European professionals on the EGF Twitch channel.

You will see in action eight professional players including Antti Tormanen 1p and recently-certified Jan Simara 1p participating in this competition for the first time.

Round 1 starts on June 21st at 11:00 CEST. For more information, visit the web page of the 6th European Professional Championship.
6th European Professional Championship Starts Soon

This article was written by Artem Kachanovskyi

EGF professional Go player.
Born 12th December 1992.
Started to play Go in 1999.
Promoted to 1p in 2016, 2p in 2018, 3p in 2024.
Living in Ukraine, Kyiv.
All his articles on the EGF website.

Elom Hycy agotokpKushiator mumayazWillson
17.06.2023 15:37

Now this tournament has pros from the US and a European pros from Asia, it now feels like a serious tournament, and it's nice to see the EGF and 日本棋院 on cordial terms again as they should be, communication is key when starting major projects.
18.06.2023 13:55
I don't think that there are any professionals from the USA or Canada. Nice to see Antti joining in though, I suppose he had to get special permission to play.
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