Pair Go in Europe


European Pair Go Championships

The first European Pair Go Championship (EPGC) was held in Amsterdam in 1995. Since 1997 it has been a regular event, hosted by a different country each year. So far it has been in France, Netherlands, Czechia, Bosnia, Poland, Romania, UK, Germany and Russia. Typically teams from about 15 countries take part. Since 2004 they have been competing for points, as well as prizes, to allow their country to qualify for the International Amateur Pair Go Championships.

The tournament is sponsored by Japanese Pair Go Committee and supported by Pandanet. The event is usually held in March or April and has an Open Group, with an official pair from each country subsidised and other strong pairs not. Timelimits are normally 45 minutes sudden death, or as in 2004 may be played with short byoyomi (10 seconds) or overtime. Komi is 6.5 points. Pairs must be nationals of the same European country. There may be a seperate open Handicap Group from which no qualifying points are scored. In 2004 by agreement with the EGF Executive, the organisers ran a McMahon system with supergroup of all official pairs and those above the 5 kyu bar.

Games are broadcast live on Pandanet, if at all possible.

You are encouraged to support Pandanet by getting your own login name and playing on-line there, as the surplus from their paying customers in Japan is used to support Pair Go.

Point System

Pair Points System

Current Pair Points

There has been a Pair Go Championship at the annual European Go Congress every year since 1992.

Pair Go in Member Countries

Each year there are Pair Go Championships in several of the EGF member countries, as well as Pair Go events alongside bigger events, such as the Toyota-Denso Oza in Amsterdam. Some countries have started Junior Pair Go Championships, and in general Pair Go is a useful teaching method.

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If you have a Pair Go event planned in your country, please inform the Pair Go Association in Japan and they may be able to support your event with small prizes. Also please send them reports and photographs after your event and tell them about your country's Pair Go webpage. Contact them at info_pairgo @